Thursday, April 21, 2011

Kindness and Arm Candy

Well its no secret to anyone that I like a little bling.  And last week I got a message on facebook that Deanne Fitzpatricks Rug Hooking Studio had just brought in a line of jewellry.  Handcrafted pieces of art from a designer in Montreal, Anne Marie Chagnon.  Of course I had to run right in the next day and look.  Necklaces, rings, earrings and bracelets that are truly wearable art.  So unique and special. 

I looked and drooled, especially over a particular bracelet.  Kathryn, who works with Deanne, encouraged (forced heehee) me to put in on my arm.  I resisted at first but then submitted to its sparkly beauty.  It really is a statement piece.  
And guess what......?  NOW IT'S MINE...............

The entire collection is special and it is such a nice addition to the studio.  So, if you happen to be in Amherst this is just one more reason to stop in a visit Deanne and the girls.  Snap up a piece of this bling.    And wouldn't it be great if word spreads about the jewellry and someone stopped into the studio and discovered the art of hooking as well........ 

I am invited to a little party tomorrow night at a friends house.  I am planning my outfit around the cuff bracelet. 

It was quite a day today.  It seemed that kindness was everywhere.   I notice it more than I used to.  I think since Mom got sick I appreciate kind acts more.  Maybe they were always out there but I just didn't see them before?  I noticed today when I picked up Mom at her Alzheimers Day Care, how great the volunteers were with her.  It means a lot to know she is safe and happy there, with people who have good hearts.   Today it was little things and really big things.  I always try to note them now.

Sometimes someone does something for me that is so unexpected or beyond belief, that I really don't know how to process it.  This is what happened today.  I won't go into details but they know who they are.  It was a gesture that will stay with me and I will do whatever I can to pay it forward.  Isn't it nice, especially at Easter time to be able to experience kindness first hand?
Happy Easter to you and yours.


  1. I love your new bling! Nothing like jewelry to make the day! I'm glad you got a nice surprise!
    Happy Easter!

  2. I love the bracelet and of course I am so happy for you that someone did something nice like that for you. You do deserve it Kim because you are such a day brightener for so many people. Of course me. So I am so very happy for you.

  3. Happy Easter to you! Love the bracelet! I have a little jewelry addiction myself. Have fun at the party. . . maybe you should red your new red shoes!

  4. Have a wonderful Easter Sunday. I'm so happy that you were the recipient of a kind and thoughtful gesture.

  5. I love your new bracelet and I am THRILLED you had such a good day today - noticed it - and commented on it. Sandie

  6. Love the jewelry. Have a wonderful Easter. May all the kindness you need come your way.

  7. Kim,
    Party hearty! Cool bracelet.
    Happy Easter to you, mom, and auntie.
    Pug hugs,

  8. You wear your new bling well. I can just picture you picking out an outfit to go with the bracelet. lol
    Have a very Happy Easter

  9. Nice bling!! How nice that you experienced that kind of kindness.
    Happy Easter to you!

  10. love the bracelet! you know the kindness of a sweet friend that I experienced just recently.
    I too will pay it forward.
    Happy Easter

  11. Hey, Miss Bling!!!
    I knew you couldn't be a chameleon and blend into the woodwork!
    Please take a picture of the outfit. Even though I am not fashionable myself, I sure do enjoy it on other people! You GO, Girl!!!
    Love that bracelet!

  12. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new bracelet!! Wish I was close by Deanne's shop for so many reasons, now including this one!! I think something is in the air ~ I have had so many blessings this past couple of weeks ~ like the Universe is opening up to bring me good things! It's even more wonderful to notice them and appreciate them ~ enjoy the abundance, Kim!! And happy Easter to you and yours!

  13. Kim, you are such a great ambassador for Deane Fitzpatrick' shop. You will be the center of attention with that bracelet and I know that you will wear it so well.
    The law of Karma is working so well around you and you are taking notice. I hope that you and your family and Millie too of course will have a very Happy Easter. Hugs, Julia

  14. Hi Kim, Every day I see how you put one step in front another helping others laughing at situations and working away in this world. Why wouldn't a act of kindness come your way.I think little simple acts of kindness is a wonderful way to live!Easter is a good time to reflect in this busy life we all lead. You are a wonderful daughter and if your mom wasn't ill she would say how proud she is of you! Hugs Cheri

  15. Kim,
    I hope the kindness continues on for you as you are always extending it to others! Well deserved gift to yourself.... that bracelet is so very very cool!
    Hope you and Mom and Auntie and Millie have an eggciting Easter with time to rest and restore!
    Cathy G