Friday, April 1, 2011

A surprise and not an April Fool's

As previously mentioned, work has been busy lately so  I decided to take a vacation day today.  After Wednesday I thought if I have to look at another spreadsheet I'll lose it for sure.

So this morning I decided to do a few random errands.  Because I was on vacation I headed out in comfy clothes and no make up.  A decision I would soon regret.  Lol.  After a few stops I ventured towards Deanne Fitzpatricks Rug Hooking Studio.  She recently posted pics of some new pillows she created and I wanted to peek at them. 

I'm chatting and browsing and three ladies walked in the door.  I looked at one of them and recognized her right away.  It was Julia from Of Petals and Wool.  We have been blog buddies for awhile but have never met.  I said "Julia, its me, Kim".   It was so much fun.  She grabbed me and hugged me.  Nobody else knew what was going on but after we explained everyone had a good laugh.  She was travelled to a Fiber Retreat with her daughter and a friend.  I think her daughter thought we were crazy for a few seconds.

Then, of course, she and Deanne got their camera's out.  Ladies......never leave the house without makeup !   You never know who you might run into who is going to post your picture on their blog.  A lesson I learned today !  I'm sure Julia will post them after her weekend retreat.  I warned her not to post any that looked "troll-ish".   Hahaha

It's so much fun to meet a fellow blogger and especially so unexpectedly.  It was a last minute decision to pop into Deanne's but I am so thrilled I did.

Oh, and Mother Nature has a nasty sense of April Fool's humour.  It is snowing and freezing rain mix.  We are supposed to have 7-10 inches of snow by morning.   Not funny at all Mother Nature !


  1. That is so cool!!! How fun!!

    I almost left the house this morning with no makeup. As a last second resort, I put on foundation and left. I arrived to work and realized what a mistake it was. Ugh.

  2. Oh Kim,
    How fun...It really is! and I'm certain you were beautiful even without makeup; your personality is what brings out your natural beauty!
    I hop eyou enjoyed your day!

  3. Oh, I love this story! How fun to meet like that! There ought to be a blogger friend reunion!

  4. I for one cannot wait to see pictures. I have thought about it all day and I wish I had been there, such a sweet surprise. So sorry about the weathers April Fool snow. :)

  5. Well, I know why you knew Julia, but we all think you look like Millie,:-) how did she know YOU??!!! (No pics!!)
    I, too, am looking forward to Julia's post just to see you!! That'll be fun! I know what you mean about no make-up though. EVERY time I don't do it, I see someone and wish I had it on!!
    Julia's last post was about NOT posting till she got funny you met. Small world!!

  6. Kim ~
    What fun!!! I know there is one photo of you lurking on your blog, but I think that's about it. I'm sure all blogland hookers will be reading Julia's!
    Bad Mother nature :(
    Pug hugs :)

  7. OK Donna, Lauren is right - there is one photo of me on the blog

    Maybe when I get my braces off I'll appear in every post! LOL Not gonna happen.

  8. Kim that is so cool that you ran into another blogger! That is just the best thing :) Pictures will be good! I am going to check out your link to YOU! Sorry you have that snow coming :( You know that if you leave the house without gettin' all duded up you are going to run into someBODY!

  9. Thanks for telling me Kim!!! That picture of you is wonderful, are beautiful!!! I see why you don't wear make-up need more pictures!!!
    PS....Now I really can't wait to see Julia's post!! Thanks for the hint!!!

  10. How fun was that!!! Can't wait to see the pics!

  11. Kim I love that picture of you! You are a very pretty gal! It is so fun to see who I am reading now and see who that great sense of funny belongs to :)

  12. Oh Kim, what a great surprise meeting Julia. Certainly proves it is a small world. I know it must have been thrill for both of you. Have a wonderful weekend.

  13. It must have felt really nice to meet some one who isa a blog buddy in real life. Wow

  14. what a fun morning! I am looking forward to meeting courtney as we are going to the same hook in. I never post pictures of myself. I hate them. Looking forward to seeing Julia's pictures and post.

  15. How fun is that!!! I'd love to meet you, too ~ and if it was in Deanne's shop, I would be ecstatic!! It's on my 'to-do' list!!!!

  16. How fun to meet a fellow blogger! I doubt that will happen to me, but I always carry my camera so watch out fellow bloggers! Just ask Donna!

  17. Hi Kim, How fun to meet Julia.What a fun story.I know what you mean about leaving home without make up. Every time I run to the store I make sure I have makeup on because that has happened to me. We had 80 degree weather for two days now were cooling down again. Weird weather. Cheri

  18. Kim honey they would not let me in a place of business without my makeup. Trust me if I ever leave this ole farm house without my make up on I am not the one driving the vehicle. hahahaha
    How fun to meet a friend on here. I do wish I could meet you my sweet day!
    I do not want to share this with you but it was in the 90's today and I thought I was going to have a heat stroke. Just can not imagine you still having snow. Oh I wish your weather would stop for you.
    Love ya

  19. Kim,
    I love how you and Julia met and at Deanne's shop! Even better! I can bet the camera's were clicking! You are so lucky to be close to a blogging buddy!
    Hope the sunshine catches up to you soon! I'm still waiting here too!
    Cathy G

  20. How nice to come upon a fellow blogger that way. Must be very exciting.....And at Deanne's.....Wow!!!