Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

It was a little too chilly today to go out in seach of my own mayflowers so I found this google image instead.

The tulips in the front yard are looking promising and there is something (?) growing in a patch in the backyard beside the bench.  It is not random, but neither Auntie or I can remember what we stuck there last year.  So I guess it will be a surprise to see what happens. 

Isn't it ironic - something unidentified is growing in the yard yet the darn sunflowers that I planted on purpose and stare at multiple times a day are not doing anything.  I even bought the good Miracle Grow seed starting soil.  Miracle Grow my a$$.  LOL   Today is day 7 and all I have to show for it are 16 pots of mud.    If you are a successful gardener ---- don't even bother suggesting I be patient......that ship has sailed my friends!!!   hehehe

Enough of that - back to hooking.  For those of you who asked about the crack - if you ask for Crack Stop or drywall mesh you should be safe at the builders store.  You will probably get the right thing and not be arrested for attempting to solicit a drug deal.

The little birdhouse mat seems to have hooked itself.  I'm stuck because I don't have the right background color.  I need to give my wool dyer a jab tomorrow.
 It's frustrating when you get on a hooking roll and then you don't have the right wool.    Since I can't finish hooking I'll get comfy and ready for Desperate Housewives.

Have a great Monday


  1. Good evening Kim, I love the little bird house. It is lovely. I know about frustration over the wrong color. I am "dehooking" some of the green in my large pictorial. I have a room full of wool and not the right green - UGH! Have a wonderfull week.
    Regards to Mom and Auntie.

  2. Have fun Kim watching desperate housewives. I agree with you it super frustrating not having the right background color. I can't believe its May! I am going to be working away on two quilt squares that have to be done by tuesday, gotta go Have a relaxing evening. Cheri

  3. That is so funny, gosh you make laugh. Don't give up. If I can grow sunflowers you can.
    I can't wait to get that crack stop stuff, see I didn't want anyone to think I was wanting the illegal substance. Enjoy your show!

  4. Kim ~
    Sweet little birdhouse!!!
    I won't tell you that I planted some seeds a few days ago and some are already sprouting...but they aren't sunflower seeds. {{hehehe}}
    I won't tell you to be patient either.
    Hard to believe that it's May, isn't it?
    Sunflower hugs :)

  5. Wonderful bird house rug and Happy May day to you!!!

  6. Love the birdhouse! The little bluebird is so cheery! I'd give those seeds a couple of more days... do you have them in a warm area of your home?

  7. You may not have the right wool, but I d never looks super! Fun to sit back and relax with DH that show! I haven't had time to watch but have taped it and look for ward to a quiet moment to do that.

  8. Boy, are you fast!! Anxious to see what color you're planning for the background. PS Thanks for the answer on the crack.

  9. Kim, I hope that your sunflowers will pop up soon. I think that I have some that sprouted on the side of my flower bed near the bird feeder. I think that the squirrels planted them. I'm not 100% sure they are sunflower seedlings but they sure look like it.

    Your little bird house rug looks adorable.


  10. You are SO funny!!!
    Love the Blue Bird...

  11. You do make me smile, my friend! Love the hooking so far. As for seedlings - I can grow 10 different varieties of flowers in my patio brick (which my DH lined with concrete so weeds wouldn't grow) without doing a dang thing - but have never had success with the indoor seeds and peat pot process - if they sprout, I kill 'em separating them or when I transplant into full sun. All my sunflowers are planted by the birds (and they have an uncanny sense of design, those birds.) Good luck with yours...but I, for one, am not gonna hold my breath...! ;o) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  12. Ok, I love this birdhouse!! Too bad about not being arrested in Home Depot asking for crack! I thought it would shake things up a bit in my life!! Just kidding. I think I have enough going on right now! I wish I could dye up some wool for you. I haven't hit the dye pots in a while and it might calm me down!
    Don't give up on those sunflowers!! They might surprise you!

  13. Happy May Day and I love the birdhouse. Now sit back and relax and just throw those sunflower seeds in the ground..they will come up!

  14. I have a lot of plants that I am not sure if I should weed out or feed. It is a wait and see.
    Love the bird house.

  15. Hi Kim,
    yep, the morning glories on your birdhouse made me think ... I have to get out there and start mine going up the wire ... but not today .. to cold and wet!... I really don't think we will have a spring this year. Love your little birhouse ... can't wait to see it complete. Have a great week.
    p.s. as for your sunflowers ... plant them outside, directly into the ground with a little bagged "poop" you'll be using them for shade trees in no time!