Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Todays Happy List

Yes, today is a happy day.  And none too soon, as yesterday I found myself having a little pity party.  BUT I am over it. 

My list for today:

#1 - I woke to bright sunshine and warm breezes.  Not a cloud in the sky actually.  And no humidity so my hair no longer looks like a crazed poodle.  The past 2 days I looked like some crazy science experiment gone wrong.  Like - stick your finger in this socket and see what happens!  lol

#2 - As I was reading the blogs over my morning coffee I discovered I won the giveaway from Teri at White Sheep Farm blog.  Yippee and the prize is WOOL.  My favorite thing!  She had such a generous giveaway with 3 winners.  (Shhhh, Lauren won too)

#3 - The air conditioner at work was fixed today.  It was getting a tad bit uncomfortable the past few days but we are nice and cool again now.

#4 - The AWOL handyman appeared out of the blue this morning.  He arrived to mow the lawn.  Boy, did he get a surprise when he discovered I had hired someone else to do it last week.  It was a field.  You could have almost lost Millie in the weeds.  Apparently he had hurt his neck and was sick for over 3 weeks.  (Not sure why he couldn't use the phone - but whatever)  He left with a new list of chores  (hahaha)

#5 - Auntie called me around 10am to say the Roofers had arrived.  YIPPEE........  I was home at noon and they are moving right along and I am so impressed with them.  They are even cleaning up as they go.  One side is already stripped and 3/4 replaced at 1pm.   The one downside to this is that Mom and the dog are both having nervous breakdowns over the banging and the confusion. 

#6 - Today is a HomeCare day so it is the VON nurse that will have to deal with them.  (Again Hahahaha)

So, what is on your happy list today?


  1. Hey there, my happy list is May is over and June is almost here, I am hoping for summer. :)
    Summer just slows down and I am so glad.
    My daughter won't be working at Home Depot and having to work until Midnight. Very happy about that one.
    I am just happy.
    So glad everything is going good for you.

  2. Kim, glad to hear you are having a great day! It always makes me happy when I can check chores off my "to do" list, unfortunately for me nothing has been accomplished as of yet, but I will persevere! Have a great week, let's hope the sun keeps shining, hugs Julie.

  3. You are just a bundle of joy today, aren't you? Good for you! And congrats to you (and Lauren!!)(shhh!)on the win! Me, I'm happy we had at least one day of spring (yesterday) for we're back to sweatshirts today; that I got to see my crab apple bloom one day (yesterday)for the wind has blown every single bloom away today; and heck - I'm even happy the tree is still standing today cuz we're in the middle of gale-force winds and they're supposed to pick up tonight. And, gee, they're not forecasting "windy" until tomorrow! :o) Have a happy and windless week! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. Congrats on your giveaway win! My happy list is that I just signed a contract on a dream home! I'm leaving a stressful job to a more sane job! And, I spent the day touring Fenway Park (home of the Red Sox) and taking a boat cruise down the Charles River in Cambridge, MA! Beautiful sun, 80 degrees! (Field trip!) All in all, great day!

  5. My Happy list is I saw Baby Jack yesterday.I went to country Loft and actually got to buy some material. I actually did some gardening and I am working on my projects again. Oh Happy Day!

  6. Congratulations on winning . And a special congratulations for winning WOOL.
    I hope all your days have happiness in them.
    You are sure getting those things checked off that list. Maybe I need to start one so I can see if I make any progress.

  7. Kim ~
    Crap! Blogger lost my first comment to you :(
    As I was saying, woo hoo! Today was our lucky day. A hooker can never have too much wool
    I love your happy list. I have nothing happy other than my win. Mo and I had the vet visit from hell. Two hours and 15 minutes full of incompetence. I've been saying for ages I need to find a new vet that will work with rescue. Today was the day the straw broke the camel's back. I rarely get angry, but I am still fuming! Okay, enough. Sorry.
    Hugs :)

  8. Hi Kim, I don't have a Happy list today. Blogger is attacking my sanity. It won't let me post. It wants me to start a blog. I have a bloddy blog I just want access to it. I had to go on Google and put your blog name in the search engin to be able to get to your blog.

    I'm so glad that you and Lauren won some wool.

    Good for you, you're getting a new roof. I need one of those too. I have moss growing on the roof in the front.

    I enjoyed the beautiful day and opened some windows today. Have a good week. Hugs. JB

  9. OK , I'm happy again. I can post comments through Blogger again. I'm really happy about all that wonderful sunshine. JB