Saturday, May 7, 2011

Girls Night Out and a Highland Fling

Last night all the girls at work let our hair down for a few hours.   The occasion was a belated wedding shower for a co-worker.  We couldn't coordinate schedules before but this was a chance to get together, hear all the stories and look at the photos.  The wedding took place in Cuba.

We had a pot luck dinner right after work and of course a glass of wine (or two).   And any time you gather 15 ladies together, between the ages of 25-50, and add a little liquid refreshments - you just never know where the conversations will lead.

Good grief, the secrets and stories start spilling out.  We had a great night and laughed til we were sick.

In fact I am blushing just thinking about some of the topics that we covered.  You just never know what you are going to learn at a gathering of girls.  People talk about men in a locker room - Forget it......a group of women is a lot worse.
There is a reason I selected a photo of embarrassed that had an animal in it.  (Trust me - you don't want to know) LOL

On a more serious note, today I gathered up the girls and we went to an annual fund raiser for the Hospital - "The Highland Fling".  (Our old hospital used to be named the Highland View Hospital)

They have flea market type tables, used book sales, food and home-made candy tables, plants etc.  We go every year and on the way out the door I buy lobster rolls for our lunch.   Mom gets a little exercise walking around with me and we always see lots of friends.  They all enjoy seeing Mom.  And a bonus for me is I come home with a big bag of fudge. 

And I think I need to publish a retraction on the post about the sprout.  I'm such a moron.  OK - that sad little shoot of green was NOT a sprout.  I guess I just got excited to see something.....anything.  Apparently it just a weed or something.  Some random spore that landed in a pot.    DUH......


So that is 1 out of 16.   I'm not ready to declare myself a gardener yet. 


  1. Okay...that really is a sprout! Your night out sounded like good fun! I agree, women can totally cover every base of sharing! LOL That's what makes us so cool!

  2. Oh my goodness - sounds like a great night out - isn't it fun to let your hair down once in awhile? Sandie

  3. Kim, I do know that when a certain girlfriend and I get together, I don't know what happens to us but we revert to teenagers! Some of the things that come out of our mouths, my face turns red just thinking about it! I do like your little sprout! I'm sure it will have company soon!

  4. That is a real honest to goodness sprout, yay!! They will all start popping up now like popcorn.
    I am so glad you had a nice time and you got to let your hair down. Oh yes, it gets crazy sometimes. I love girls nights out.
    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend.

  5. Kim ~
    Congrats on your sprout :)
    Girls night out sounded like fun. I'm sure you behaved yourself {wink, wink}.
    Happy Mother's Day to you and mom and auntie. Do you celebrate md tomorrow?
    Hugs :)

  6. Yep! Now that's what a sunflower sprout looks like! Congratulations! Keep them warm and close to as much light as possible... :-) I can only imagine the topics of conversation at the wedding shower... especially when you add a picture of an embarrassed chimp... was someone wearing a lampshade on their head by the end of the night? lol! You Mom looks to be a sweet gal! It's no wonder she is surrounded by admirer's wherever she goes! :-)

  7. I'm so glad that you were able to go out and have a great time; that is so necessary at times. Pretend you went to Vegas; What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas :)

  8. Kim, CONGRATULATIONS on the cutest real sunflower sprout. I'm really proud of you. Now you can surely see how hard that little sprout has had to work to get out of that seed and even poke through the soil. I'm sure that you will be a good mother to your seedlings.

    I'm so glad that you had a girl's night out and that you let down your hair. I hope you that you did your share at acting as a teenager. Me, I haven't much hair to let down anymore but I can almost keep up with the best of them. It feels good to let loose once in a while. JB

  9. Oh...YEAH....for the little sproutster...! (Ya know, I was kinda thinking "weed" on your last post, but I truly didn't want to destroy the positive energy you had worked! ;o)) Anyway - sounds like a wonderful evening and day out. (I have to admit tho - someone above me mentioned about your mom looking like a sweet gal....did I miss a picture somewhere??? I truly don't want to think that chimp picture has anything to do with this whole train of thought.....I'm sure hoping she's referring to the photos you've shared in previous posts.....) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  10. Horay for the sprout!
    Like the Crankycrow, I didn't want to tell you that the 'other' sprout did not look like a sunflower sprout. Didn't want to discourage you! So glad the real thing has popped up!!!
    Sounds like a wonderful time with the girl friends. I can only imagine the conversation, but I know what it's like when a bunch of women get together. I thought from your post title you were all dancing the highland fling! LOL!!! After those one or two or--- glasses of wine...

  11. Yay a sprout! See you CAN be a gardener!!

  12. I told you I would pray for the sprouts!!!!!

  13. sorry about your earlier sprout being a weed:)
    I love girls time it does get silly I belong to a woman's group it is all educated women in their 50's and you would blush at some of the stuff that is said yikes!
    so funny they were married in cuba we are NOT allowed to go there :) poor old castro could jump us or something ha.

  14. Hello Kim.... Happy Mother's Day.... I would say you are a gardener because your sprout is looking very healthy... Now for me this is a totally different story... I got a plant for Easter from my niece, it was one that I could plant out for the summer... Well guess what, it is not alive anymore. I do not know what I did. If I gave it too much water or not enough water, I could kill a cactus in fact, I already did.. There was a joke when I used to work that they could not believe that I could not even keep a cactus alive.... Well I tried my best, but had no success.... So I do consider you a gardener!