Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday Word of the Week

The word of the week is "WHIPPED"

whipped   [hwipt, wipt]


1. having received a whipping.

2. subdued or defeated as though by whipping: whipped by poverty.

3. beaten into a froth: whipped cream.

4. exhausted, tired, beat: After all that weeding, I'm whipped.

This week I am feeling rather whipped.  Too many meetings, appointments, committments in a short time span.  It makes me feel anxious and stressed.  Evening meetings are often scheduled a couple of times a month but during budget prep time (now) they are more common.   When I finally got home from work last night I felt a bit like a bowl of whipped potatoes - the lumps were all beat out of me.   The worst part of it is that some of it is my own fault.
Partly because I really enjoy learning new things I tend to take on a lot of things.  Another reason is because of Mom's illness, I worry constantly about keeping my mind active.  There is still so much unknown about this disease but everything you read talks about keeping an active mind and trying to learn new things to keep stimulating new areas of your brain. 
So I am taking a fun new workshop on Saturday morning (more about that later) and I just signed up for a 6 week beginner photography class.  I love doing these things but I guess by mid week I feel a bit whipped. 
So since I am feeling whipped, I might as well actually do some whipping of my own.


  1. I, too, like to learn new things, but sometimes I long for a respite! Seems I'm always jumping into a new learning curve. Good to know it's actually healthy!
    Take it easy and treat yourself this weekend!

  2. So that is how you got that great edge on the mat you sent me? Do you use a rope? I read that somewhere. I love how your edges look so nice and neat. I always worry about that too. I had 5 aunts on my Dad's side 4 of them died from complications related to Alzheimer.The fifth is now at the point where she doesn't know anyone.
    It scares me and I try so hard to keep learning things and the days when I can't remember anything, just scares me so bad. Watching my aunt keep post it notes every where was just so sad.

  3. I think you have a very active and interesting mind! And with all your responsibilities I can see whey you can feel whipped.
    I'd love to take a photography class. That sounds like lots of fun. Horay, more pictures!!!
    I love that cow cartoon!

  4. Kim, Where is the photography class?

  5. I hope you enjoy the photography class. I on the other had am like a lump of potatoes. I like to learn new things but only if it fits into my schedule. I mean there has to be nap time right.

  6. Kim ~
    You already take such amazing pictures, but enjoy your class!
    You've gotten over this week's hump and hopefully you can recharge your batteries this weekend. Please share your workshop with us soon!
    Pug hugs :)

  7. Oh Kim ~ I wanna give you a big hug. I know what you're saying - and doing. My mother also suffers from (a mild form of) that wretched disease (as did one of her sisters) and it scares the dickens out of me. So - I try to pretend to keep my mind active by learning new things too (like - hey, blogging!) - however; I've grown weary lately. It seems I can't keep doing that, and keep up with all the routine "have-to's" (like house chores, laundry, filing, bills, etc., etc.) Don't know anymore. Just am not together as I used to be. I'm glad for you - and am cheering for you - but just don't wear yourself out, ya hear???! (And nice, neat, little job you're doing on that your meticulous attention to detail!) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  8. I am feeling a bit whipped, loopy, and discombobulated - all at the same time! It's enough to give someone a migraine! Sometimes I think I am just walking around like a zombie. The relentless obligations at work, taking a class, helping a friend set up her new store, coordinating the neighborhood garage sale, planning my parent's 50th anniversary party. . . . am I delusional that I can accomplish all the things I have been anticipating? Whatever! That's just my head speaking balderdash! I need to obliterate and demolish those loser thoughts! I want to appreciate the hoopla while I still can and not end up vindictive! I need to be that little chameleon and keep changing and groping for a fun and fulfilled life.

    Kim - eat two chocolates and paint your toes vibrant red - you'll feel better in the morning! Hugs! :)

  9. Sorry you are feeling so whipped. You are in the sandwich generation - taking care of parents and children both at the same time.

    Don't forget to carve out some time for yourself.


  10. I am with you. I feel like I have the whipped. So many things to do and not enough time.

  11. I know how you feel. The picture of your whipped edge confuses me. It looks like you are whipping 'before' you hook??

  12. Kim, funny you should choose Whipped as your word of the week because I'm totally whipped this morning. I didn't slept well last night and was up early this morning and friggin Blogger didn't want to let me leave comments. I've been working to exhaustion and my old body just can't take it anymore. I've decided to take things easier today to recharge my batteries.

    I love the whipped cream cow picture. Just bursted out laughing. Have a good day. Hugs, JB

  13. Sorry that you lost all your comments because of Blogger having hickup. I thing that I was pretty whipped on Wednesday as I had spent three days scrubbing walls in the milking parlor and ceiling and walls in the milk house. I still need to do the ceiling in the milking parlor but it will have to wait until my shoulder recuperate.

    I had no idea how terrible it was for the poor cow to give whipped cream. Too funny. JB

  14. I answered too, but sorry you're whipped - hope you are feeling better today.

  15. Hi Kim... sorry you are feeling whipped..... I hope you feel better soon..... I think it is great you are taking a photography class.... That was always one of my passions taking great pictures..... Hope you have fun with it and hope to see pictures from your class...
    Have a great weekend!

  16. I sure wish you lived closer, cause I wish you could teach me how to "whip". My niece Darlene just posted she won your "pay it forward" I am so excited for her and I love the surprise she was sent!!!Small world, hugs Julie.

  17. Kim,Whipped, That applies to all of us from Julia to you to me. Living with a chronic unknown is so hard.This is so trying with Megan in the hospital and her MS becoming an issue.I feel for you and all of us that at times feel so whipped. Have good cheer we're all pulling for each other and sometime a hook can hide a teardrop. Hugs Cheri