Monday, May 23, 2011

The official first weekend of summer

The long weekend of May has always been the start of summer.  It didn't feel like it  temperature wise but it feels like it in our hearts.

It was busy, busy, busy but fun.  Saturday morning I grabbed the Golden Girls and we headed out to Parrsboro.  It wasn't a great day for it - rainy and cold - like sweatshirt AND a jacket cold but I wanted to go anyway.  The Harbourview Restaurant is open for the season.   A little seafood place on the beach with the best food.  I have missed their scallop burgers all winter.  Then a bit of retail therapy at Sweet Briar Boutique.  A tiny little shop with the cutest things.  Joan, the owner, takes care of Mom so we can shop.  We both got new handbags and I found a funky starfish necklace and earrings. 

And I did get a chore finished that I procrastinated for weeks.  I tackled our closets and switched out all the seasonal clothes.  The washer and dryer was going full tilt all weekend but now it is all done and put away.  Our closets haven't been so nicely organized since last year!

I did decide not to put out all the patio furniture yet.  As I mentioned, we are getting a new roof.  If the weather forecast would give us a few days in a row without rain - the guys could start.  I don't want my chairs and cushions covered in roofing crap.

This afternoon I am invited to my friend Terri's to gossip and drink "special" coffees on her new deck.  And then we are off to a family and friends dinner.

I looked at my new hooking project several times this weekend.  I looked at it - I didn't pick it up.  Next week. 


  1. What a great weekend! I hope you have lots of fun this week. *wink*
    I hope the sun comes around to stay at your house for a long, long time. Hey, I had to replant my sunflowers yesterday, yep it even happens to me. It hasn't been warm enough here either.

  2. So nice to hear that you had a great and productive weekend and It's nice that today is a Civic Holiday and that you can visit with your friend and sip special coffees.

    Don't feel guilty about putting down your hooking for a while. Leaving it and coming back to it after a while will feel wonderful. Concentrate on your photography. I can't wait to see some professional photos soon I hope.

    I hope that your week goes well. At least you won't have to deal with the tornado catastrophe in Joplin Missouri. Did you see the devastation on TV this morning? It's just heart wrenching. JB

  3. Sounds like you had a fun AND productive weekend.
    I'm glad you were able to take your mom - and yet someone watched her so that you could shop.
    I wish you good weather for your roof!

  4. Sounds like a great weekend all around! I sure wish there was a place around here that served scallop burgers... sounds healthy and yummy! Actually.... I'd even settle for a lobster roll... but that ain't happening in central joisey either! lol! You're seedling looks healthy! Hopefully some warm sunshine will get them to grow faster! :-)

  5. Hi Kim,
    It's a good feeling to get the clothes and closets squared away for the season. I never seem to quite get it done before another season rounds the bend!
    Glad you were able to get some shopping done and enjoy life a little!
    Summer is somewhere..... we've had a few days of it!
    Cathy G

  6. sounds like a good weekend I haven't put our winter things away I think we may need them if this cold rain keeps up.
    special coffee sounds devine.

  7. I keep hoping that summer is here but we get only a few days at a time.
    Sounds like a great weekend - my don't they go fast?????

  8. ??? Did I miss a holiday somehow??? Memorial day is this coming Monday, right? Yikes, I'm farther from reality than I thought....Hmmmm...Anyway - yay for you - sounds like you got a bunch accomplished. Me, I'm keeping my winter clothes at the ready. Yep. Never know when the white stuff is gonna fall again around here. Seems like everytime it gets over 60, we get blasted with a tornado. This is one robin that is seriously considering permanently flying south....Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  9. Horay for SUMMER!!! Our first official weekend is this weekend for Memorial Day. Whoo-hoo! Even though we don't usually do anything special, I know summer is here. It has warmed up a little bit though. Glad you had a good time along the coast with eating and shopping. Handbags and summer jewelry are a good way to celebrate.

  10. Sounds like a super weekend. We have our long weekend coming up! Can't wait! It's freezing here right now...heat on still, sweaters, raincoats. Yuck! But, I'll take the days off!
    The shopping and the special coffees have got me thinking!
    Have a good weekend!

  11. Kim ~
    So glad you had a great weekend. Scallop burger ~ sounds interesting.
    I'm impressed that you switched out your closets. That doesn't happen at my house. Usually I'm digging through tubs of clothing trying to figure out what still fits.
    I don't drink coffee, but I might try "special coffee" :)
    Hopefully the hooking mojo will return in due time. I lost mine for quite a while and am so happy it has returned.
    Hugs :)

  12. Sounds like you had a nice time even with the cold weather. How you do it honey with the long winters is beyond me. I so wish I could send you some of our temps. Bad thing is Texas is in a drought already and this is May. We could be in trouble with a capital T.
    Don't laugh at me but I never heard of a Scallop burger. I know you think I am weird but honestly I have never heard of one. hahaha
    Have a awesome week and hook my dear friend.

  13. Busy, busy girl! Sounds like you accomplished a ton of "needs to do"..and had some fun along the way. We need a new roof also, but if it doesn't stop raining I don't see it happening! I don't see my closets getting organized either!

  14. I hear it's your birthday! Happy Birthday! and to many many more.

  15. Happy Birthday Kim. I had hoped that you could lay in a hammock and drink some exotic drinks today but I suppose that it's raining there too. I hope that you won't let that dampen your special day. Hugs, Julia

  16. Birthdays come but once a year
    A wish for you my friend so dear
    Good health and happiness all through the year!
    Happy Birthday Sweet Girl!
    Cathy G

  17. We have had one day of sunshine...

    Closets? OMG!!!