Sunday, May 15, 2011

Fiddleheads and Sunday ramblings

Mmmmmm, it's fiddlehead season again in Atlantic Canada.  I love these marsh greens and you can only get them for about 2 weeks a year.  I waited in a small line at the produce aisle of the grocery store as people scooped them up.   They are tender young ferns that grow in marshy soil. 

I posted about them last year and got lots of funny comments.  They do taste better than they look.  I like them hot with melted butter and a splash of vinegar.

I'm going to try and eat healthier and am going to seriously try and stop stuffing myself with crap in the evenings.  I have always been a night-eater but I guess I don't have the metabolism like I did in my younger days.  I have been digging out the spring/summer clothes and tried on a pair of last years pants.   I even tried laying down on the bed to fasten them and it didn't work.  That was the last straw.
I turned on the Wii Fit Plus today.  The program keeps track of your progress.  When it started up it said my last visit was 440 days ago.  OMG.....................   So I weighed myself, set a weight loss goal for the next month and exercised for an hour.   I'm going to try and keep this up for awhile.  I refuse to buy all new pants and shorts for the summer.  But all I really want tonight is a can of Pringles......Give me strength........

I finished binding up the birdhouse rug too.  I was rushing to finish hooking it and now I can't remember what I wanted to do for a new project. 
This is how I finished the backing, with a little whipping and some binding tape.  I am going to Moncton later this week to try and find some of those printable fabric labels.
I have my long work day tomorrow.  We have a Committee of the Whole meeting after regular working hours that can last anywhere from 3-5 hours.  Most nights we are home around 8pm but we have been know to go til 9pm.  That makes for a loooong day.  I hope it is short tomorrow night so I can get home in time for DWTS.  (Priorities, right!)

One more thing before I go - I would like to ask you to stop by and visit Miss The Sea blog. It is a sweet little blog from a New England gal.  She took a blogging break for a few months but is back at it again and needs some new followers.  The blogging community is all about supporting each other.  You won't be disappointed.

Have a great week. And lets all hope it stops raining soon.


  1. Kim ~
    Good luck with the exercise program. 440 days ~ that is too funny. It's been much longer than that since my treadmill has been used. Sad :(
    I love the way you hooked the background on the birdhouse mat. Your finishing is so perfect. I can never get my corners mitered so precise.
    I hope your Monday doesn't go on forever. Just start your z-doodling to pass the time.
    My next stop will be by Miss the Sea.
    Hugs :)

  2. Kim, I usually pick my own fiddleheads on our own lane along the St John River but this year I haven't even gone looking with high water and all this rain. I too love fiddleheads and eats them in season and also blanch them and freeze them for out of season. They are great with Salmon dinners.

    You are again turning out a great little mat. I really love how you do your squiggly background. It really adds interest to your rug and makes the rug come to life.

    Sorry about your long Monday meeting. Can you believe that half of May is gone and all we got was mostly rain and more of the same for most of the rest. When is enough enough? JB

  3. You are such a precise little finisher my friend! So very, very neat! Maybe you take more time and care than I do - guess that's why for me it's mindless and I look forward to finishing. I used to finish mine like yours with the binding tape and all - but learned a new method that is so much quicker....You just serge or zigzag about 1 1/2" around the finished rug, then roll it forward to the front and pin as you go - then whip it. It makes for a neat, clean finish without having the extra step of the binding tape. You probably alread know that - but, just in case, thought I'd share. Fiddleheads, huh? Sounded to me like a kind of snake or something....Kinda look like green worms. They're good, hey? Have a great week! Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  4. I really love the back of your rugs. They looks so nice. I love how your background looks so nice.
    I have always wanted to try fiddleheads. They look wonderful. Good luck on your exercise routine. I know you can do it. :)
    I will stop by and visit your friend.
    I hope you get home in time to watch your favorite show.

  5. Kim,
    I'm in the same dilemma with pants not fitting and tops too... ugh! The fitness program you have sounds like a good one! Or just eat the fiddleheads and some greens for each meal! That ought-a do it! LOL
    You're rug is very nicely done..... and so meticulous finishing! I've been watching some video on uTube to learn more about Zentangle drawing. It is actually a lot like the mandala's in concept. I tried that once and it brought me out of a dry spell in my creative past! Right now I have more ideas than time. Seems it's always one way or the other!
    Have a joyous week at work my friend....... it'll be Fri. before you know it!
    Cathy G

  6. Kim, I remember some of my Canadian blogger friends posting about fiddleheads last year. They sound totally yum to me! Hey, you can do this exercise and getting healthy thing. I've been working on the exercise, and Weight watchers again. Slowly but surely I'm getting there. I just need to be a little more consistent with the workouts. I will visit your blogger friend! Have a wonderful week, and think *healthy*!! :) -Tammy

  7. Mmmmmmm... fiddleheads! We would look forward to them when we visited Maine... I think my Mom fried them in pork fat... and then added the vinegar when placed on the plate! Thanks for the memories of fun childhood days! :-) I hope your get to leave work in time for DWTS!

  8. Never heard of Fidleheads, Kim, but this time of year we love Morrel mushrooms around here! They only last a short time too so I knwo how you feel!
    Your finishing is like satin...perfect! Neat looking rug!!
    As for the jean fitting thing...I'm just gone! I can't believe I have let things go like this! But the crabs in the evening thing? Invite me over please....mmmmm!!!!!

  9. Kim: I love your mat and how nicely you finished the edge and back. I really need to start trying to learn to do that. Egads, I have that evening eating thing too. What to do? I envy you having the wii fit. Wishing you success with that. PS Never heard of eating fiddle head ferns...sounds wonderful!

  10. Kim, indeed your mat is perfect. I, too, love the squiggly background and your corners are so perfect..Not so for me., don't know anything about them.
    Pants, jeans not fitting...YUP!! tried to put my coveralls on today to help with shearing sheep and no way could I get that zipper to move from the bottom..I must have washed them and they shrunk.....:)
    I go on a diet about every two weeks, I think. Have all the equipment that anyone could need, but just not motivated enough to use them.

    I had problems finding the printable fabric. Wal Mart always carried it here but had to buy it on E-bay..can't do without it and yes, I will indeed visit the new blogger...thanks for putting up with my rant....
    Have a good day, hopefully.

  11. Fiddleheads sound like a band. Do they dance in your tummy? I don't know those look a little too healthy for me.Lol I love your rug and boy I am never going to show you the back of my rug when I bind it. My stitches are not so precise.Lol Cheri

  12. Honey I have to say those fiddle head things are pretty strange looking...hahahha...
    I can so relate with things not fitting. You should see my uniform on me now. Not good.
    I have been wanting to join Weight watchers but would love to have a Wi.
    Hope your day was not as long as you dreaded it to be.
    Thank you so much for my Happy Birthday wish. I can't believe another year gone by already.
    Hope you have a great week.
    Love ya

  13. PS
    I love your rug. It turned out really nice.

  14. Oh, do I need to exercise...
    I love the Blue Bird!!!!