Saturday, May 28, 2011

Too cold for May

It is just not right that you still need a sweatshirt in the afternoon of late May.  There is just something wrong about the whole thing.

Gardens and flowers are about a month behind here.  And the scattered few hours of sunshine this month are just not enough.  I am hoping that the month of June will make up for it.

This morning I spent a little me time.  I had to drive to Parrsboro again.  Last weekend we were there and did a little shopping.  When we arrived home one of the necklaces I bought was not in the bag.  I called the store and she put it aside for me.  So this morning, I went to pick it up.  Even though it was grey and drizzly I did enjoy the drive and having a few hours alone with my thoughts.

And last night I finally started my new hooking project.  I have my mojo back.  Last week I felt like I was spinning but a few hours alone today has me centered again. 
You didn't think I was going to show you the whole thing all at once did you??  That would ruin the surprise.  And it might be a big surprise for all of us because I am going outside my color comfort zone.  I'm winging it.   

Millie hasn't made an appearance here for awhile.  She was polite enough to interrupt her nap to give you a little hello.
One last thought - I am impressed with the dedication and persistence of the blog community.  So many have found creative ways to continue communicating despite the tech issues with blogger.  There are several different hints out there for finding ways around the problems.   Maybe some of us should work for blogger - maybe the problem would be fixed by now!


  1. Millie is sooo cute, even when she just wakes up and her hair is spikey on top. Well, she's especially cute then!
    We are supposed to have some days in the high 80's and low 90's coming up. I'll be sure to blow them up your way! And I'll try not to include the nasty storms we've been having.
    Can't wait to see ALL of the rug! LOOL!!!

  2. Oh Kim - you hook so dang PRETTY! How do you get each loop so perfect?? And that Miss Millie is all kinds of sweet cute.....What kind of puppy is she anyway? Looks like she has a little "princess attitude," hey? Love it! I agree - too dang cold here too....We were supposed to get to 80 on Monday - but I highly doubt it - they keep dropping the high temp on the forecast every time I look....Had frost the night before last and today I think we topped out at 60 - but with 30mph winds, felt more like 40..... Geesh...think I live in Canada or something! ;o) Smiles & Hugs, Robin

  3. Darn it I went and lost my comment. So here I go again. I'm so glad that you got your Mojo going about hooking your new rug. Is it a little red hen with eggs all around the border??? Heh? Oh Kim, you're such a tease...

    Millie is so cute, she just melt my heart every time. I just want to hug her. Does she know how cute she is?

    I refuse to complain about the weather any more for fear that we get worst... I'm hoping for sunshine, soooon.

    I hope that the rest of your weekend keeps you centered. Stay safe. Hugs. JB

  4. YES I was expecting to see the whole thing!!! Millie is just adorable!

  5. Kim,
    I am envious that you have your mojo back! Mine is struggling along! I almost made it to the studio today to draw a rug I've been thinking about... almost.
    Millie is for sure a little sweetheart! I think she needs her beauty rest and I'm sure didn't appreciate the poparazzi(sp?) with the camera!
    We have cold sunshine here too. I'm sure hoping June is a different story!
    Enjoy your hooking..... hope to see more tomorrow LOL!
    Cathy G

  6. The weather is never what I want it to be...too cold, too rainy, too hot, too humid. YIKES! I'll never be happy! ohwell. Glad to see bits of what you're working on.

  7. I've lost my hooking mojo as well. I did dye some wool and thought about how great it would look in a project...but then fizzled out from there. It's weird weather here too. The day before it was 90 degrees, then yesterday, 65. My body doesn't know whether to expand or contract! I can't wait to see the new rug in all its glory!

  8. Just love the picture of Millie. I like your colors. I can't wait to see what else you are doing. We had a huge rain storm last night and today the wind is blowing like crazy. I am wearing a sweatshirt today.
    I am glad you are having a nice normal weekend.

  9. You are much more north than us, but we have been cold also..until today and tomorrow. We hadn't even turned on the AC. My electric bill and checkbook both were happy...until today when it was too humid not to turn it on. But after our cold and snowy winter, cold and rainy spring..I refuse to complain..out loud anyway!

  10. Hey dear, I need to comment as anonymous becuase it has been kicking me out; UGH!

    I love your new layout of your blog; how fancy and hopefully it will become spring in your neck of the woods since you declared it :)

  11. Hi Kim,I too am getting my mojo back.It rained today and so I started organizing my little sewing room.MIllie looks cute, Maulie is tired of having two cocker spanials visiting we had a mini dog fight

  12. Hi Kim, could you shoot me an email with your address in it? You sent the most followers to my blog, thank you!

  13. Oh how I love that sweet little Millie, she has the cutest face! Love the colors in your lastest hooking project, will be watching and waiting for the grand reveal. We have skipped right by spring and have headed into summer weather, it is hot and humid and ninety degrees! hope this weather finds you soon!!!Hugs from Maine, Julie.

  14. Kim ~
    With Cheri's fix, I am able to post on most blogs but not all. I guess I'll have to try another way too.
    You are just a little tease not showing us the whole rug. So glad your mojo is back
    Millie is just TOO CUTE ~ just like her momma!
    Pug hugs :)

  15. Millie is so cute!!!
    We are 95-99 today!
    When I said I was ready for warmer weather, I didn't mean this warm!!

  16. our sat was overcast and chilly sweatshirt weather. Sun look out hot and humit and very buggy. I don't dare to go to the garden because there are so many bugs they may carry me off and trust me that is a lot of bugs.