Thursday, May 5, 2011

Toes, Boys, and Sprouts....Oh My !

I hardly know where to start tonight.  This post will be all over the place.  First yesturday we finally had some sun.  By the time I left work it was sunny and warm.  Too nice for socks so it was time to get the toes ready for their big 2011 debut.

I gave myself a little pedicure after supper and prettied up with a little polish.  And then I dug out the flip flops.  Ahhhhh, I love flip flops.  And now that the toes are ready, its almost time to test out the new red shoes.   But I'm never brave enough to put on the red nail polish. 

And last night was the first night it was warm enough to sleep with the bedroom window open.  I love it - I had the best sleep with the little breeze through the window.  All in all it was a good night.

Then this morning I had a meeting in the office beside the boardroom.  An outside group had booked the boardroom for the day.  As my meeting ended, the boardroom group was just taking a break.   After I walked my guest to the door, one of the boardroom men walked up to me and offered me a cookie.  He was young and very (very) cute. I have to tell you I felt like a school-girl.  Did I mention how young and cute he was??  LOL    Now that I think about it - maybe I reminded him of his mother......hahahaha.  Whatever - he made my day!  Such a sweetie.

But not to be outdone -  My Mom has an admirer !!!!  This morning I dropped her off at the Adult Day Care.  It was one of the men's birthday today.  He was 91.  At the end of the day when I picked her up I noticed he made a special effort to say good bye to her.  Then one of the workers pulled me aside giggling that this old fella has a crush on Mom.  He tries to sit by her all day and he constantly smiles at her and basically thinks she is the cats pyjama's.    OMG, we had a great laugh.  I could hardly wait to get home and tell Auntie.  What a HOOT!

Now for the biggest news.  STOP THE PRESSES.............................I HAVE A SPROUT

Yes Doris, I think your prayers last night worked.  This morning when I checked the pots, I started to walk away and then I bent down closer and closer and ..........

And there was the teeniest, tiniest, scrawniest little wisp of green.   There is a 2nd one in another pot and it is even scrawnier (if you can imagine) lol    Even stranger is that I planted all the seeds right in the middle of the pots, but both sprouts and right close to the edge. (?)  Oh well, a sprout is a sprout.

But do you think that this....

....will ever turn into this......

It was another great round of comments on the Word of the Week.  Michelle - I don't think you have a blog, but you should!  As long as you keep entertaining us, I'll keep finding a new word. 


  1. Yay!!! a sprout! I am so glad. It sounds like summer is on the way! I need to get brave and paint my toes too. It all sounds good and I think it is so cute the guy offered you a cookie and that guy has a crush on your Mom, that is the best stuff Kim. What a good day!

  2. Congratulations on your itty-bitty-teeny-weenie-little sprout . Does it have a name yet? :-)

  3. Kim ~
    First off, congrats on the sprout :)
    How sweet about your mom. Put a big ole smile on my face.
    Have you ever thought about being a cougar???
    Hugs :)

  4. Kim, your little sprout is so nice and green but I think that a sunflower sprout should be a wee bit bigger although I never grew them. Keep waiting a bit longer. I'm starting to get excited. JB

  5. Oh Kim, go ahead and paint your cute little toe nails red like Kim H. and I.
    Well I haven't had time yet to give myself a pedicure and paint my toe nails yet but I will. I have ugly bunions but it doesn't stop me. Just like rug hooking, go out and venture out of your comfort zone, and choose a nice red , especially now with that cute young guy around. JB

  6. Kim -

    I do not have a blog - I hate to write - stresses me out - not sure what I would write about. But, I love to read blogs and post comments on your blog. Your word of the week challenges me to just write without thinking so hard about it.

    Go for the red nail polish on your toes, Girl!

  7. I think you should totally go for the red just might change your life! Red, hot pink, purple....on my toes, the wilder the better!

  8. Paint those piggies red! :-) Cute stories about the boy, cookies and your Mom! Isn't Spring grand? Hurray for your sprouts! :-)

  9. Well if you planted your seeds in the middle maybe this is a weed? Just kidding. Red toe polish is the best. I rarely paint my finger nails but always red toe polish. and put your feet in the red shoes grrr that young man will offer you another cookie for sure! Your mom's admirer is so sweet. It proves that the heart is never to old. have a great weekend.

  10. Red toenails a must! I bet your sunflowers will be big and beautiful.

  11. Paint those toes a color you have never worn before. RED.
    How sweet about a special friend for your mom.
    Love the little green sprout. One day a big bright sunflower.

  12. Kim: Great news, all around!!! I know that feeling you talked about, when the cutie patootie gave you a cookie. I can still get gushie like that, but then realize I probably remind the guy of his *grandmother*, for cripe's sake. Oh well. Here's to you, Mrs. Robinson!

  13. Paint your toes red girl!!!! Live large and don't look back. I wish someone would offer me a cookie!!!

  14. Tonight I will toast to red, and to sprouts; to old crushes; and to young cute guys with cookies. (Now that latter is an awesome combination!) Maybe you should paint your mom's toes red and offer your sprout a cookie??? Smiles and Hugs ~ Robin

  15. A actually have naked toenails at the moment, and it's really unsettling. I can't remember the last time they were paint-less. We might only have two and a half minutes of sandal weather here, but it's important to me to know my toes are pretty even if nobody ever sees them. Besides, when you never take your socks off a pedicure lasts a long time!

  16. Kim honey so happy that you made my day today. lol I can just picture your Mom and the older gentlemen trying to get her attention. How adorable is that and then you having a younger admirer too. You two are too hotty's.
    Wonderful picture of your little flower taking a breath of fresh air. It won't be long and you will be showing us how beautiful they turned out reaching for the sun.
    Thanks honey for caring enough to keep encouraging me. I can not tell you how much that means to me. Just wish I could figure this all out but it is so crazy right now I just go and try not to end up in the emergency room again.
    Thank goodness it is the weekend. lol
    Love ya