Wednesday, October 20, 2010

You can't ring your own bell

First, thank you from the bottom of my heart for all the comments and emails regarding my last post.  I am feeling less shell shocked and have been spending lots of time with Harold's family this week and we are doing OK.  I am considering doing a post about him later this week.

Now, back to regularly scheduled programming.   Last night was the Monkey Mind Meditation session.  It was a small but enthusiastic group.  There were just 3 of us - Corinne, myself, and another gal I hadn't seen in awhile.  It was really enjoyable.  We learned about the health benefits and the basics.  We also managed to do 3 short exercises, each using a different method.  I loved it.

I always thought that to meditate you had to completely clear your mind and I couldn't get it.  How can you completely clear your mind??  These people must know some secret trick??   DUH!  You can never clear your mind - the goal is to FOCUS your mind.   Now it makes so much more sense!! 

The instructor led us through the first exercise where we closed our eyes and focused just on our breathing.  After several minutes she dinged her meditiation bells to signal the exercise was over.  The other girl just about fainted as we weren't warned about the bell.   After we all laughed, Donna the instructor said the bell was a pleasing sound to signal the end of a meditation.   Of course I had to be a smart ass and say "Well, you can't ring your own bell!"    Good point eh!

One of my hopes was that this would be a good tool to help me wind down at night and fall asleep faster.  I thought I would try it last night at bedtime.  Well, I don't remember meditating for too long, as it must have worked.  I fell into lala land pretty quickly.  Not sure if it was the meditation or exhaustion.
(I had a couple of cool meditation images but blogger is not uploading tonight)

I haven't picked up my hook since Sunday and I miss it.  I think tomorrow night I will try to get back into the routine.


  1. I am so glad to hear you are doing better. I felt bad that things were so stressful for you and you friends family. I am happy to hear you could sleep better also. Happy Hooking. Rug that is. lol. Oh by the way, I was really surprised to hear that you were being a smart *** at the workshop. lol Lisa

  2. Sounds like just what the Dr. ordered Kim! A little calming meditation. Don't know about the bell part though.....reminds me of the bell ringing at school to signal time for recess LOL! But then what do I know!
    Take care and will be thinking of you and your family.
    Cathy G

  3. Hi,

    First of all I love the trees at the top of your blog! I understand and agree on rug-hooking being so calming. Isn't it nice just to sit back,hook,and unwind? I really love it when the fireplace is going...I say it doesn't get any better than this and my hubby smiles....Simple things can mean a lot....Blessings to you...

  4. So glad it was a good experience. It sounds like a nice time. I like the trying to ring your own bell idea too. :)
    Take care the rest of the week, I look forward to your next rug hooking project. Your angel?

  5. Hi Kim, I just wanted you to know that I think that you are a pretty special person for caring so much for your friends. I'm glad that you are enjoying your meditation classes. JB

  6. Kim ~
    I'd love to read a post about Harold!
    At bedtime, if the meditation doesn't work, try a little (or lot) of wine. It works wonders for me!
    Hugs :)

  7. Focus, focus, what was I doing?

  8. I cannot meditate! I just cannot do this! It sounds like fun with a friend!

  9. I have a very busy brain and have had a hard time with meditating. I had a yoga teacher that talked about the circle of the breath you were to breath in an out so in your mind it made a circle. still I had a busy brain. probably one reason I have trouble sleeping.

  10. Kim I would love to read a post about Harold. I think it helps to write about things too, journaling. I think we have talked about it.

    Your meditation class sounds like it might be just the ticket for you! You seem open to it and it helps to learn to do it with a friend.

    I need a kick in the a$$ to get me started hooking!

  11. Kim honey I see my other comment did not take on here the other night so I am back.
    Your comment about my ghost was too darn funny. And maybe we should both take your advice about the Brandy for Tinkerbell and drink it ourselves. We both need more rest than we are getting.
    Too funny what you told the instructor. I have a feeling if the two of us were together no telling what would come out of our mouths. I guess we could write a book together just to laugh.
    First thing this morning I get a two sentence email from my DL saying they are only coming for a couple of hours Sat and not spending the night because she is coming down with a cold. Sad so sad because my grandbabies never get to spend the night here and they love it.
    I pray that she changes her ways with me but if their being answered I am not picking up on it. Oh well like always I will take what I can get. Maybe I should just start camping out at their house constantly maybe that would work
    Love ya

  12. PS
    For some reason she and my son read my blog so I have to careful and not mention anything.
    They don't let me put pictures of my grandbabies anymore either. If I can snap one of them by the ghost I may be naughty and show you guys
    Sorry for the chapter this morning

  13. Hi Kim,
    First ... Sorry to hear of your friends passing. I hope you will do a post about Harold.
    Ahhhhhh, meditation .... hmmmmm ...... sounds great. Your right about you can't clear you head ... but you can try to focus. Hope that helps with your sleeplessness.

  14. Kim,

    Happy to know you are coping well with your huge loss. Would love to read about him and in the meantime, may give you solace in your writing.
    Take care...