Monday, October 4, 2010

Getting my ducks in a row

The past few days have been all about getting my ducks in a row.  No easy feat around this place.

I have to travel this week for work.  I leave tomorrow mid morning until Friday evening.  Trying to get things organized so that things go as smoothly as possible for Auntie and Mom is somewhat like orchestrating a Broadway Musical!

I have little lists all over the place.  Oh, have I mentioned that I am a World Class Worry Wart?  I try and think of everything and make sure that there is some back-up for Auntie in the event of something not-nice happens.   And - as things usually go - both of my primary back-up people are out of town.  My Grandfather was Irish and he always said we had the Luck of the Irish and we had "shamrocks up our butts"!  Well I hate to tell Grandpa.....but I think my shamrock fell out!!!  LOL    Now, I'm sure that nothing major will happen but I will be a 5 hour drive away for 4 days.  This evening I did arrange for a relative to casually check in so I'm a little less crazy.

Maybe a martini will take my mind off it when I get to the Resort??
A bonus will be that at this years conference, the Geeks/Nerds (lol  sorry Corinne)  have been invited to participate in a Technology Conference that will run concurrent to ours.  So that means Corinne (Momz Wool) will be staying at the same hotel.  We never get to travel together for work so this will be fun.   (** I asked her permission before referring her to a geek in the blog.  Hehehe.)

And finally I got the 2 giveaway packages in the mail today.  If not, it would have been another week delayed, so that was good.  But while I was at the post office the lady at the counter told me the price and then asked me if I wanted to donate money to Mental Health.  Hmmmm, I told her that since I was half crazy most of the time, I would keep my money and we would call it even!   OMG  it seems like every day there is someone asking for a donation to something.  They are all great causes but I get a little tired of it everywhere you go.  There is always some sad looking kid at the end of the grocery line collecting for sports, or the Department Stores are asking you to round-up the total amount.   But I wasn't expecting it at the Post office!   I donate to several charities each year  but don't ask me everyday.

I have to go finish packing and I'm taking the camera so maybe I will have some pictures to post later this week.


  1. Have a safe trip, and one worry wart to another, Don't worry. It will be fine. I hope this will be a good trip for you, I think you have needed a break. I will be praying for you too along with your Aunt and Mom.
    Look forward to your pictures!

  2. Kim ~
    You made me laugh with your shamrock comment :)
    Like Farm Girl, I am a worry wart, but she's right, everything will be fine. Even though your trip is for work, have some fun and drink a martini for me!
    Pug hugs :)

  3. Hi Kim, I have a confession to make too. I inherited the trait of worry wort from my father. I like your response to the post office clerk and loosing your shamrock. I'm still laughing. PS, Today, I'm thankful for spell check. lol


  4. Oops, I forgot... HAVE A GREAT TRIP and loose the worry. JB

  5. I love the shamrock comment ha. I am with you on the donations I hear it everyday. I went to burger king and a lady went through ahead of me and paid for the next 3 cars up to 20.00. I loved that idea so much that is how I plan on donating my money. I am going to donate to a food pantry but pet food I came out of thrift store that has a food pantry and someone inside getting food had a pet in the car. Have a great trip.

  6. I hope you have fun, restful, and uneventful week ahead of you! And one that includes several martinis! You deserve it!! Since I have my pal, Tad, at home ~ when I leave it's always a worry in the back of my mind that everything goes well for him and his caregiver ~ I know EXACTLY where your thoughts are!! Bottoms up!!

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  8. Have a safe and enjoyable trip! I think you may be on to something... maybe what should happen is have someone hand out a small sheet of paper or ribbon to be used as a "reminder to donate to that persons favorite charity"...

  9. Have Fun!


  10. Oh Kim I have the worry thing going on too! I'm Irish, maybe it's an Irish thing. Everything will be fine while you are gone :) Enjoy your time away. Was it a four leaf shamrock? I think a martini will make it all look good!

  11. Getting all our ducks in order can be difficult at times, unless you are a duck. :-)

  12. it is crazy planning for a long trip, but you
    made it sound so funny, especially your
    comment to the post office. :)

  13. You changed everything I thought I was at the wrong site. haha
    Girl you my friend are too crazy...I will donate for the mental for you. lol
    Never ever heard of the 4 leaf clover up your butt and then you say it fell out. OMG I lost it then. I want be able to sleep now laughing about this post.
    Enjoy your trip and don't drink or worry too much

  14. Ha, Ha, make my day when I read your blog....funny, funny..I DID donate at the post office...I feel I may need that kinda help anyday....Cheers

  15. Hey Kim, I hope it has been a great week for you.I don't know if you do awards, but I have one over on my site for you. You can pick it up if you want and if you don't it is okay too.
    I am also having a give away so if you feel like entering I hope you do. I was inspired by yours so I thought I could do it too.