Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One down

Oh oh....One down.  The flu has arrived at our house.  So far its just Auntie down.  I am on a mission to make sure that neither Mom or I get sick too.

I'm going a little nuts with the disinfecting wipes.  Its probably futile but at least it feels like I'm doing what I can for prevention. 

Another twist to make the evening more fun (not) is that I am obsessed with thoughts of cookies.  You see, I have to go to get some blood work done at the hospital tomorrow so I have to fast for 12 hours.   I am a dedicated evening muncher!    I am struggling.
I know, I'm just torturing myself!  Don't they look good.  Tomorrow when I leave the lab on my way to work I'm stopping at the donut shop!! 

I started hooking in some of the background in my rug.  Corinne dyed this great background wool - I have used it before and I love it.  Dark blues, purples, grey, rose and greens.  It looks more interesting than a flat black.  Here is the latest progress pic.
Wish me luck not eating for the rest of the night.  Dancing with the Stars result show is coming on soon so that will distract me for an hour. 


  1. I will. When I have to fast for something it makes me crazy of the things I can think to eat. I hope the rest of you all stay well.
    I will keep you in my prayers.

  2. Don't eat!!! That's my words of wisdom!! I'm going to watch dwts, too! Wonder who will go home? Jennifer Grey is falling apart ~ she was the front runner at first!! Stay well!!

  3. Hi Kim,
    Your rug looks great! Beautiful background!!!

    Hope you and your Mom don't get that awful flu. The disinfecting should help. I know that handwashing, etc. is supposed to be one of the best preventives.

    Waaaah! No evening snack! Enjoy those donuts tomorrow!!!

  4. If Jennifer Grey gets booted off DWTS tonight I might get cranky enough to eat a bag of cookies! Lol.

  5. Kim, I'm sorry that the flu has found your house. How will you manage with your auntie sick and your mom needing care? I think that you are smart to sanitize all those door knobs and handles. It's one way to keep it at bay. This is one of the thing that I don't like about this time of year when the flu season hits. I haven't had my flu shot yet as I was sick last week and I'm still blowing my nose constantly. Hope that all this will soon be a thing of the past. Not being able to eat cookies is torture. Make it a sinful doughnut tomorrow. That angel rug is beautiful. Take care, JB

  6. Oh no! The flu is already hitting! I hope no one else in your house gets it. My husband seems to always be able to keep from getting it. I think it's because he isn't home with the kids all day with them coughing and fevering on him. Last year I tried some alternative medicine. I thought I was coming down with the flu and I took some Goldenseal with Echinecea drops. You have to be careful with it though if you are allergic to Echinecea flowers I wouldn't take it. I would research it before I would try it though.

    Hope your aunt gets better soon!

  7. Honey I can not believe you are now dealing with Auntie with the flu. Girlfriend keep those wipes handy I don't want you and your mom sick too.
    You my friend are too funny putting pictures of delicious looking cookies on your post when you are fasting. hahaha only you
    Have a doughnut for me in the morning while you are there. Thats one thing I miss about living in town is access to a good hot doughnut early in the morning. too far to drive from the north forty for one.
    I have another giveaway so be sure and enter oh I am so sorry wait until tomorrow it is food too. lol

  8. Kim ~
    Here's hoping that you and mom stay well and auntie gets better in a hurry :)
    Your rug looks great. You are moving along quickly. I swear I am the world's slowest hooker! Good thing I don't try to make a living at it. I'd starve. Oh, speaking of that, have a donut on me.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Hi Kim,
    I'm hoping you can steer clear of that flu ( your Mom too). I can't believe how much is going around already! Your rug looks great too! That background sounds heavenly! Enjoy the donuts tomorrow!
    Cathy g

  10. Ugh the flu!! Got to take dad for his flu shot, thanks for the reminder!!!

  11. Too bad the flu has decided to visit your home. No one needs that, for sure.

    Love the colors of your rug...divine!! :)

    Isn't it odd that when we can't have snacks we want them the most....

  12. Good luck on the germ warfare, Sheldon. Bazinga!

  13. Oh Kim, yuck! Hope you and your Mom steer clear of the flu. I am a fanatic about those disinfecting wipes, they are my friend!!! And my scrubbin' bubbles. I take them with me when we travel and wipe everything down and scrub. I could inhale those cookies.

  14. Sorry to hear the flu has hit your home.
    By now you have had your blood tests and are enjoying that donut.
    Best wishes
    Stay well.

  15. Just catching up on everyone's posts...did you get that donut? Was it Tim Horton's??? I ADORE Tim Horton's!! LOVE LOVE LOVE! Wish I could go with you! Hope you made it through your fast alright. Just knowing I can't have something makes me crave it, and cookies are one of my biggest downfalls.