Saturday, October 9, 2010

More pics from an autumn day

I would have like to have stopped a few more places to snap some pictures on my drive home but since it was the Friday of a long weekend, the traffic was horrendous.  This is Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and I think everyone left work early on Friday and were on the highway!  So randomly pulling over to the shoulder of the road to take random photos was like taking my life in my hands.  But here are a few.

I drove though the Annapolis Valley which is beautiful farm land and orchards everywhere.  I couldn't help but stop and snap this huge field of pumpkins.
And despite a significant detour out of my way, I couldn't help but stop in Mahone Bay.  This is one of the most beautiful little seaside towns you will ever find. 
Here are the famous 3 churches on the Bay

And a few more images around town

There are many quaint and unique little shops, but I really didn't wanted to be pushing my luck.  I was tired and it was time to head for home, so I wouldn't be fighting traffic in the dark.  But it was definately a nice way to end my trip.

Tomorrow I hope to finish binding a few projects while the Thanksgiving turkey cooks.


  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! Enjoy that turkey....Loved seeing the pumpkin fields and the pics of the 3 churchs. :)Ginger

  2. Thanks for the lovely pictures! Love the one of the church with the ornamental grass.
    Have a great Thanksgiving!
    Enjoy that turkey.

  3. So nice to read your blog again and to have you back. Love those beautiful pictures and the big field of pumpkins is awesome. JB

  4. Hi Kim,
    Happy Thanksgiving! Your photos are just beautiful!

  5. You must have had a fabulous drive in that bit of heaven. I have never visited there and was so impressed with the photos I went to check the area out on Google Earth for a poorman's vacation :) Makes me want to jump on an airplane and come for a visit. Any rug camps in that area? I'd love to plan a future trip out that way for real.

  6. Absolutely gorgeous pictures!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

  7. Thank you for visiting my blog and deciding to follow. Your pictures are so clear and crisp just lovely. I'm looking forward to many enjoyable visits.

  8. Gorgeous photos! The churches...the pumpkins...all of them! Happy Thanksgiving!

  9. Kim ~
    A very Happy Thanksgiving to you!
    Your photos are gorgeous! I especially love the churhes and the one of the lone rowboat.
    Pug hugs :)

  10. Have a very happy Thanksgiving. How nice to have it so early, in October. Your pictures are beautiful. I love that picture of the three churches, oh and the fields of pumpkins. I have entered you in the drawing. I think the hardest thing is wishing I could just send something for everyone, I bet that was hard for you to pick.
    So glad you are home now, I really did miss your posts and your comments.

  11. Absolutely gorgeous pictures, Kim...Love all of them. You are a born photographer. My pictures always lack something and I don't know what it is....probably a better camera.

    Hope you enjoy that turkey. Happy Thanksgiving....

  12. Good Morning Kim! Google just munched my comment! Bah! I was telling you that you live in a beautiful place and those shots of the pumpkins and the round bale belong on a calendar or on an Autumn issue of a country magazine. The shot of the three churches on the bay is stunning, seriously what a great capture! That little yellow row boat! I want it!