Saturday, October 16, 2010

Watch out.....She's in a TIZZY

I should preface this post by saying that I love Auntie more than anything but........
The weekend started OK.  Friday night I decided to go grocery shopping etc so that for the rest of the weekend I could relax and do whatever - hook, read etc.   So far so good.  Seemed like a good idea to bake beans on Saturday since it is damp and dreary out.  Got up this morning, got them ready and shoved them in the oven.

By lunch time I thought I would bake a few crescent rolls for a light lunch.  Set the timer - the timer dings - I open the door to the oven......................
RAW dough and a stone cold oven!  This isn't good.  And what's worse is this stove is barely 6 years old.   I gently break the news to Auntie.  Now she is a sweetie but in the past few years she is not really good at coping with the little twists life can throw you.  Everything is a MAJOR CRISIS.

Oh oh,  she is starting to go into a tizzy.  I feel a bit like I am watching a scene from the Exorcist with the spinning head!
 She has no ability to put things in perspective.  OK, seriously its just an oven! Eventually we track down a repair guy and he says its the computer board and costs almost as much as a new stove.  GEEZ!
Then he actually starts to suggest that maybe he can attach a homemade dial to the front and hot-wire it to the oven..........and she looked like she was considering it!  OMG.....  Its ironic how the oven was broken yet all I could think of was shoving her head in it!!!!  LOL

The hot-wire thing was the last straw.  I grabbed my keys, told him if he wanted this stove for parts he could make Auntie and offer while I was gone.   I was going to the Appliance store.   The new stove is being delivered on Monday. 

So for the rest of the weekend if we can't boil it, fry it or nuke it - we aren't eating it.  

And yes Julia, after all that I went for beer!


  1. Sounds like a crummy Saturday to me!! Appliances aren't made like they used to be ~ that sounds like something an old person would say ~ hm, she just did!!!!! And really, beer is the answer!!!!

  2. I like your style Tim. You're like me, a woman of action.
    Beer sounds like a good plan at this time, maybe you can throw something on the barbecue too. I hope that you have a close neighbor who would bake your crescents for you.

    I never heard of hot wiring a stove before. I'm still in stitches... lol.. I had an old stove once that was giving me shocks every time I touched it and had my other hand touching the pot and this time I got a huge shock and I saw sparks and felt the shock right through my boobs and let me tell you ... I said, "THAT'S IT" and I think that I've been a woman of action ever,. I went to Sears and bought a new stove.

  3. I am sorry about your stove, but this is so funny! I have wanted to stick my hubby's head in the oven so many times! LOL

  4. That is so funny I have laughed and laughed. I do now that I think about that, I have a double oven and my bottom oven did that right after we bought it and it was still under warranty but it seems like the guy told me the same thing, it was just cheaper to buy a new one. I know it happened with my washer and dryer. I am glad you went out and got a new one. Snap decisions I like that.
    I hope the rest of the weekend is better. :)

  5. What a sadly funny story!! Sadly, because I can relate SOOOOO well. My dad would have been like Auntie and gone for the hot wiring. In fact, would have tried to do it himself! Hang in there, your new stove will be there before you know it!

  6. Oh Kim! You have me laughing again!! Sounds like you held it together pretty well though under the circumstances. I am hoping you do finally get some rest and hooking done this weekend........and feet up with a cold one!
    Cathy g

  7. How frustrating! And hot wire, does he do cars? ha. well that is one good reason to order pizza to go with that beer.

  8. Gosh, Kim, you do make us all laugh no matter how "bad" the situation is. You seem to make light of all bad incidences. Plenty of us feel as you did with "poking someone in the oven"...LOL!!
    Enjoy your weekend. After all, when the new stove arrives, you will have to cook again....

  9. Going for beer sounds like the right thing to do! (Moments in Time)

  10. Kim ~
    You make me laugh, too. You've got spunk! You are always able to find humor in the worst of situations. Had I known, you could have come for my oven. I would have gladly given it to you. It was here when I bought the house 11 years ago and must be at least 50 old. Of course a kitchen re-do is on the "list" of these days....sigh.
    Maybe you should have given Auntie the beer :)
    Hugs :)

  11. Kim I for sure woulda poured a glass of wine! I have a washer/dryer combo that is about 5 years old and has been one problem after another. Maybe I should have the repair guy that spends way too much time at our house hot wire it to blow up! Sorry you had to buy a new stove but it did make for a funny story! Hope Auntie is cool with the new purchase :)

  12. This is a great post Kim! So funny! It reminds me that I'm going to have to deal with a dishwasher situation soon (I'm referring to the actual appliance.. ) Love the look of your blog!

  13. Oh my! I think we've all been there....hope you had TWO beers!

  14. These crazy appliances are not built as good as they used to be.... and the computer stuff costs so much to replace.... yet the computer board itself is so cheaply made... I am keeping my fingers crossed that your new oven is perfect, delivered on time and lasts longer than 6 years... geeeeez...

  15. OMG, I can't imagine letting someone HOT Wiring the stove, what an Insurance Claim that would be, house burnt down and no Insurance because some 'Backyard Mechanic" bypass the wiring to make your oven work.