Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Update

Things have settled down abit today.  Typically we have a large meal on Sunday evening but being oven-less I needed a new plan.  We could have gone to a restaurant but since I shelled out a large wad of cash yesturday that wasn't in the budget, I decided on burgers at home!

And Auntie has settled down a little today.  (Well - a little)   This morning she started with "What does it look like?  What if I don't like it?  I should have gone to look at it?"   Arrrrgh,  WHAT DOES IT LOOK LIKE.................Its a large white metal box that gets hot!  Geez  OK, we live in a 100 year old house on the wrong side of the tracks ------ Its a friggin stove!    (Yeah - you can imagine my comments went over like a lead balloon!)   LOL

Last evening, after the dust settled I wanted to get going on my angel rug.  I wanted to do her dress in a deep rose color with soft pink accent.  I knew I had several pieces of rose colored wool upstairs in my stash.  Once I brought it downstairs in the bright light of the kitchen I discovered it was more of a brick red than a rosey wine color.  Dang it - that won't work. 

I sent a message to Corinne so I could raid her studio.  The message was something like - Call me - Emergency.   No response.  The nerve of her to go out on Saturday night and have fun!!!!  hehehehe   So I had no choice but to put the hooking away and blog-stalk all evening.  This morning she messages me back "WHATS WRONG?"    Then I had to laugh and tell her no major emergency - but I need wool!  Its OK - she has a sense of humour.

After my wool raid I could finally get hooking.   Here is my tiny bit of progress.

I certainly felt better once I was able to pull some strips.  The week ahead is a busy one.  Tomorrow is my loooong day at work when I have to stay late for a meeting and then both Mom and I have  appointments later in the week.  Plus there is the meditation workshop!  Woohoo   I will keep you updated!


  1. Thanks, Kim ~
    You always make me laugh!
    Your angel rug is going to be lovely.
    Hugs :)

  2. Just a little hooking can calm our nerves...isn't that great??? LOL

  3. You are so funny, I know it's hard but you always have such a good attitude. I am dying to know how your meditation class will be. I went one time to have a massage. I had heard how great they were, so I think I am relaxing right, Not enjoying mind you, I couldn't get away from this is a woman I don't know running her hands all over my body.
    Then she said, " You know, you never relax your muscles are ready to jump up and run."
    So I bet I would be a meditation drop out too.:)
    Your angel rug looks wonderful though.
    Take a picture of your new stove. I am dying to see what you picked out now. Have a good week

  4. Kimmm, I want to see the new stove too. I can't blame auntie for wanting to know what it looks like. lol. My husband still has trouble remembering how to work my stove. Your angel rug looks great with my favorite colors. Hope that your Monday goes well. Hang in there girl. JB

  5. Meditation is just what you need!! You've got a full plate, girl!! The angel rug looks cute ~ and that is just what you need also ~ it is therapeutic ~ I need some therapy!! Been in this office most of the day!! And I love your stove story ~ it's a challenge some days!!

  6. The angel rug is going to be awesome!

    The new stove gets delivered today I'm thinking you said! Always fun to get something new :)

    I can't begin to tell you how good those burgers look and it is only 9:40 in the morning. Not a good sign for trying to watch how much I am eating. I can't stop thinking about food!

  7. I just decided we are grilling tonight!
    Can't wait to see the Angel rug!

  8. If ever I wish I lived close to rug is going to be beautiful and I love how you phoned her about your emergency...something we all have done but hearing your version was pretty darn funny.
    Too bad we don't live next door we could sure calm each other down. When Gretchen moves out of the little pink house do you want to move in. lol
    This rug may end up being my all time favorite. Lovely
    Sorry your having to deal with the other problems to. I will never look at my stove and not think of you. hahahaha
    Love ya girlfriend

  9. It sounds like a busy stress filled week. I hope you get threw it OK :-)


  10. Glad you got to pull some strips and the class sounds like you could use it. Burgers always a winner in this house.