Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The F Word

Brace yourself.......I'm gonna say it.......

FROST   (betcha thought I was gonna say something else)

This is what greeted me this morning on my windshield. (This is a google image - I was too annoyed at the sight to take a picture)

Here is another F word for you......Fabulous
I have been waiting for it to arrive before I mentioned it but last month I won the 10 minute hooking challenge over at Rug Hooking Daily.  The prize was a cute little felt organizer for wool worms and a 8 color swatch from April DeConicks Palette wools.  You can read about her palette dyeing at Red Jack Rugs.

Its Fabulous.  Almost too pretty to cut up.  Thank you April.

Here is one last F word for the day......Freaky
That is the only way to describe Florence Henderson's dance last night on Dancing with the Stars!   OK - Yes she is 76 years old and Yes she does look amazing   BUT......did you see it?   OMG.....

I do not want to see Mrs. Brady Dirty Dancing and doing some very disturbing pelvic grinds on the dance floor!!!  (or anywhere else I might add)

Oooooh Mrs. Brady.......What would Alice think??????


  1. I just had to click to see what F word you were writing about, relieved it is just frost. :) I love your wool so pretty. Well, remember was it last year when Oh gosh what is that ladies name and she was just so crude Oh Cloris Lechman. I mean she just said stuff that blew my mind, there is just something about when a older lady does stuff like that that just seems so wrong.

  2. FROST, next will be snow, sorry I just like cold weather.
    Your wool you won is beautiful, congratulations.
    I didn't watch Dancing with the Stars, but I just from what you said I'm glad I didn't. How sick.

  3. LOL! I don't follow the dance show...but I can only imagine what Mrs. Brady looked like... LOL! Maybe I can find it on Youtube... or will I be ruined for life after seeing it... hmmmmmm... ;-)

  4. Oh! I can't imagine frost on your windows already! I am loving the cooler weather but I'm not ready for it to get that cold yet!

    I did see Florence dance last night but I think my mind blocked it out! It was just too much for me to see! My eyes, my eyes! lol I think I went blind like Hank Hill did when she walked in on his mom and a man on the kitchen table! lol

    Have a Fantastic Day!

  5. You got me!
    I love the first frost of the season because it kills the weeds that makes me sneeze! LOL
    Florence is a naughty woman. I haven't liked her since I found out she had an affair with "Greg." Grossssssssssss!

  6. Kim you stole my F word girl... lol. We had our first frost here too this morning.

    I don't watch much TV either, only the news. I think that some people let fame go to their head but Florence let it go a little too low for my taste. Ewwww, I'm glad I missed it... JB

  7. great winnings, Kim...pretty colors...don't watch "dancing with the stars", so don't know what goes on there but can imagine from what you wrote...:)
    Don't want to think of frost yet...
    Good uses for the letter "F". ":)

  8. Kim ~
    You can keep your frost. I don't want it. Great wool!
    I don't watch TV so I didn't see the show, either.
    Pug hugs :)

  9. Kim, what a great little win, good for you! If I look as good as Florence Henderson does at the age of 76, lordy I'd be happy If I looked that good at the age of 56, I would be one happy gal. I confess watching Mrs. Brady last night, felt like a little girl watching her mother. Frost here too, I don't mind I'm nesting.

  10. What would Alice think? This Alice thinks that Florence looks fabulous for 76 years old! And Alice thinks that gratuitous over-the-top sexuality was totally unnecessary for her to show that she had capabilities on the dance floor. Ridiculous! That's what Alice thinks!!!

    Aren't you glad you posed the question??!!

  11. Oh, my! I didn't watch Dancing With the Stars to check out this unfortunate display. But then, I never watched the Brady Bunch either. I have a severe cultural deficit from years of not watching TV!

    Now for the F-word. It's right up there with other nasty words like ice, snow and WIND-CHILL! Yeeks!!! Not already! OK???

    Congratulations on winning that very nice wool from April D.

  12. No F....rost here yet ya hoo. Love the wool I need to get over to that site and check it out. I did not see mrs Brady dance. I guess I didn't miss anything. thanks for making me laugh you are F.....unny.

  13. Love your new "look". Glad you got the wool and like it. Please let me know what you hook with it.

  14. I love it when Mother Nature brings out the "f" in us!...:)JP

  15. Nice Wool Winnings Kim, can't wait to see what you do with it.

  16. No F word, FROST that is, here in MissouREE yet. Thankfully. First frost brings those stinky orange Lady Bug imposters that leave orange death squiggles all over the house and bite the heck out of us in the yard! CH watched DWTS but didn't mention Florence. I have lost all interest this season and so I read a book. I should be working at being a better hooker, rug hooker. Congrats on the win and the felt organizer! Kim I love your sense of funny :) Have to have funny in my life!

  17. that was too disturbing even to read. go glad i
    wasn't watching. :)