Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Vampires and a Demon Kettle

I did survive my snack-less evening.  It was rough but all your encouraging comments cracked me up.  

I'm not sure what was worse - being hungry or having to carry a little bottle of pee in my purse!  LOL   Well, I wasn't gonna strut through the lobby with it in my hand.   I double ziploc bagged it. 

Then, the Vampire with the needle tried to drain me.  After the 5th vial I suggested she might want to leave some for me! She thought this was hilarious and just kept on filling vials.

I didn't make it to the donut shop.  It was about 4 whole minutes away.  I hit the hospital coffee shop.  They had giant homemade chocolate chip cookies!!!!  I had one eaten before she counted out my change.  The second one disappeared in the parking lot!!  I know......pathetic.

Now - the demon kettle story.  Last night just we were all getting ready to go upstairs, I heard a noise in the kitchen.  Nobody had been in the kitchen all evening.   I thought it sounded familiar but it couldn't be.......    Maybe I was delirious from the hunger.......  Auntie heard it too but then again maybe she was delirious from the fever....... 
The electric kettle started to boil on its own...................... CREEPY.  Trust me, I wasn't long pulling that plug.  A little Halloween preview perhaps....

Auntie is feeling a little better tonight.  Mom goes to Adult Day Care tomorrow so she will be able to rest quietly all day.  That should help.

Thanks for all your comments.  I love reading them.


  1. Kim, that kettle would creep me up too. Weird... Could it in the name perhaps, ECO, short for echo.

    I hate having my blood taken because my veins are all hard like rock from being burned with the potent chemo. I call them vampires too and I think that around Halloween they should dress up to look the part don't you?

    And you resisted those cookies, you are a strong woman Kim.
    I love, Millie all dressed up in her little Halloween costume and her little pumpkin... Too cute...

    I'm glad that your aunt is starting to feel better and that she'll be able to rest better tomorrow. Take care, JB

  2. First that picture of the dog is just the cutest! I am a snacker and that is how I got this problem that keeps following me (my behind)
    The tea kettle is weird... I would have eaten cookies also after all that blood.
    hope your night is less spooky

  3. Well it is pretty funny that you would say, to keep some for you. I think I would have laughed too.
    Really creepy about that pot coming on, did you have a power surge? You have had lots of bumps going on in your house. I think I would have eaten those cookies too. I remember once when I was pregnant they wanted to do blood work but I got to eat two super sized snicker bars. It was great, for breakfast. Much better than fasting.
    I know next time it will be the fasting thing.
    Glad you get to eat today.

  4. Kim ~
    Milie's picture is just too cute!
    My mom always called them bloodsuckers! Vampires works, too.
    So when do we get to hear the rest of the stove story???
    Pug hugs :)

  5. Hi Kim I Love the dog picture! I love animals. It is hard to deal with a chronic illness in a loved one. My thoughts go out to you. It's tough!I loved your picture of the trees.

  6. Millie is adorable in her Halloween costume!

    The electric kettle sounds like it has it's wires crossed! Be sure to unplug it before you go away from now on so that it doesn't overheat while you are gone. That's scary!!!

    Hey, the cafeteria was closer. When you're starving, you go to the nearest food! Giant choc. chip cookies sound yummy.

  7. You did the right thing girl! I couldn't have lasted to the coffee shop!
    Millie is adorable....already for the spooks! Although it sounds like you may already have some lurking about your kitchen! LOL I'll echo Pat, unplug that thing! You don't need that kind of excitement right now!
    I have some labs scheduled in a few days and now all I will be thinking about is vampires and bloodsuckers( Lauren!)
    Cathy G

  8. Oh my gosh your new picture of Millie is absolutely to cute for words!!! Hope they left you with some blood and watch out for that coffee pot!

  9. They really do take so much blood... I'm surprised you had the balance ans stamina to get as far as the cafeteria... I usually bring a cookie and a small container of orange juice to have before I stand up from the vampire's! Absolutely, totally and completely in love with that pic of Millie and her pumpkin friend!!!!!

  10. Some spooky things going on in your house!

  11. Accckkk! Millie and your header!! Too dang cute! The electric kettle story is without a doubt creepy. I am serious, that would have had me screaming like a little school girl!

  12. I thought I would let you know that Patrice posted pictures of the box she won. You had asked so I thought I would let you know. :)

  13. You need lots of cookies after getting blood drawn!