Saturday, October 23, 2010

Returning to normal normal as I ever was!  It has been a whirlwind week and I am happy to see the end of it. 

On top of all the upset, I  had doctors appointments for both Mom and myself that I didn't want to reschedule.  Its nice to finally sit down for a bit this weekend.  I even got to hook a little bit - finally!

I have been trying to practice the meditation for 10 minutes at bedtime but the past 2 nights it didn't go well.  That monkey mind thing was much stronger than my focus.  I'm not giving up.  Tonight I am going to download some soothing meditation music on my ipod and see if that might work. 

I have very little done on the Angel rug.  The pattern is called "Hanging Stars" and I have a few of the stars hooked and used a beige blend yarn for the rope but I hate it.  The more I looked at it the more I felt it needed some bling.  I managed a quick trip to Heidi's shop London-Wul yesturday just before she closed.  This is what I found
That should be "blingy" enough, don't ya think??   Its not a great picture but it is a thin metallic ribbon.  HOT!!
I pulled out the yarn from around one star so I could compare and I am pleased so far.

Much zippier than that boring old beige yarn.   I'm kind of all over the place with this rug.  I want to hook some of the background in along the way.  That way I won't get bored with just hooking background at the end.  So that meant I had to "nudge" Corinne towards the dye pots again.  I received a text from her this morning that she was going to get to it this weekend.  

Hopefully this will get me back excited about this rug again.   It feels good to get back to a more regular routine. 


  1. I'm glad that you're back to your regular routine Kim, and that blingy yarn sure looks hot. I know that you'll have that rug finished before I can even re-hook the tree I that I ripped up on my rug. Nothing like the old grind to get you going full steam ahead.

    One thing that keeps bugging me though, is that if I ran into you someday, by chance, I wouldn't recognize you from another hooker on the street. lol... I know that you are hiding behind Millie's Mat but I don't even see her in any of your pictures either. I'm just feeling a little curious tonight and I don't know why. JB

  2. I love me a little bling and that is perfect for your rug!!! And I'm with Julia ~ let's see your smiling face!!!

  3. Well girls, I may hold the record for the most un-photogenic person alive. I will look for a picture that doesn't resemble a troll and post it someday. (Maybe) LOL

  4. Hey Kim, I am glad you finally got to hook some today. I love the bling you got for the rug, it is wonderful. It really adds so much to it. I hope tomorrow is a nice day for you and lots and lots of normal. I know that when my life gets crazy I just long to do the normal stuff.

  5. Hey Kim, I not the most photogenic person either. I take some really bad photos too and the odd time I look normal. My profile photo was one of my best one but still not a great pose. I look snobbish on it as I was preoccupied telling my sister how to operate my little camera. When my hair gets just past the stage it needs a cut I look trollish. I'm sure that you couldn't be any worst than me.

  6. Hi Kim,
    I like that bling too! That yarn looks like fun! To Julia: I think Kim had a picture of herself on one of her posts not too long ago, maybe this past summer....don't let her kid you......she's pretty hot! ( I hope that still means pretty) you never know these days LOL!
    Cathy G

  7. Lol. Cathy - you traitor! Hahaha I forgot I did sneak one in once. So Julia, it was a post in early March.
    Cathy you crack me up. Thanks for the compliment and I hear the kids are saying "it's sick" these days. I'll take hot over sick!!

  8. Kim, I know what you mean about having your picture taken. I hate it because I always have my mouth screwed up somehow....guess I talk too much and can't keep it closed. Love the blingy yarn. Sure made the star come to life. I'll have to hunt around for some of that. Enjoy your weekend...

  9. Now that's HOT! LOL! Seriously... that looks SO much better than the beige!

  10. I have been working on meditation also--much harder than I thought it would be. I do find that some calm music helps. I'm also working on mindfulness, which is experiencing the present moment without judgement. Again harder that it sounds!

  11. I'm glad someone else is having trouble meditating cos I'm finding it very difficult to stop my mind from thinking whenever I try it!

  12. Kim ~
    I'm not a blingy hooker like you and Alice, but I think it looks great in your rug!
    I'm glad things are returning to normal for you, whatever that is. In my life, I'm not sure!
    Pug hugs :)

  13. Okay ~ I checked March posts and the only one of a lady not named was a woman holding a baby! Is that you? Inquiring minds want to know!!!! I take terrible pictures, too ~ if I get a good one, for sure, I post it!! They're few and far between!!!!!