Friday, October 15, 2010

Wild and Wooly

Today that Nor'easter blew through.  Wild winds and rain started at noon. I'm sure the fall foliage took quite a beating.  I'm hoping it dries up a bit sometime this weekend as I still haven't managed to capture that perfect fall photo.

Now for the Wooly part - Today was the end of the week long Fibre Arts Festival in town.  I didn't get to take in any of the classes this year but did manage to take in the Fibre Market at noon.   Oooooh so much eye candy with lots of different vendors from quilters to knitters to hookers.   And you know how much I love to shop!

I did exercise considerable self control.  I bought a skein of hand dyed yarn from a vendor named "Little Frog Pond".  I loved her name as I have a "frog" thing.  It is a blend of greens.  I'm thinking Spring grass.  (Sorry no pictures but to be honest I'm too lazy tonight to take and download pics)

Then I met a lovely hooker from a nearby town.  She had some beautiful rugs on display.  She also was selling these little "bling bags".  Little sandwich bags filled with odds and ends like roving, yarns, silk ribbons - all color coordinated.    I bought one filled with pinks and rose colors and another with deep blues and purples.

I have started a new Angel rug - but just barely started.  I will show a photo soon.  I might even "bling" her up a little.


  1. Kim, don't feel bad, I don't have any photos for my blog either. The storm seems to have eased of here but we lost power for a short time.
    Lucky you to have made it to the fiber Art Festival. JB

  2. Send some rain this way. We are in a Stage 2 Drought and wildfires are everywhere!

  3. Wow I am so amazed at all of the rug hooking stuff way over there from me. I wonder if I can talk my husband in letting me go on a wool buying trip to Canada?
    I have thought about you all day and this storm.
    I watched it on the Doppler. It was really coming down. I hope you get to hook to you hearts content tomorrow and that you get just the perfect shot of fall.

  4. I am glad all is ok there after all the wind. We have not had any rain for about 20 days, everthing is drying up. Pretty crispy! I will be looking forward to seeing the Angel rug.