Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Lola 1 - Me 0

Ok, Lola is winning the war on nipping.  She's actually breaking the skin now.  HELP!!!

She will be as sweet as anything all day but after supper she goes "bat crap crazy". 

 As soon as I get home from work I play with her to exercise her and tire her out.  But it's not working. I have searched dog sites online and tried several different things. Nothing works. She grabs at my clothes and then goes for the skin underneath.  

And we have been trying to work on walking on the leash but anybody walks by she goes nuts.  And I don't want to even talk about other dogs.  Her and the sweet neighbor dog Audrey.........just ugly.  Sigh......

I can patient with a lot of things but biting is not one of them.  Agpfter about the 8th time I pried her off my arm or leg tonight, I kennelled her upstairs.  Probably not the best thing to do but I was at my wits end.  


  1. I'm sorry you're having problems with Lola. Maybe that's her personality or she's having a reaction to what's in her food. Certainly not a pleasant situation for you. Hope things improve.

  2. Oh gee whiz, is she playing biting or mad biting? Now I have never had a dog like that, but my Mother in law had a demon dog. She paid all this money for a dog whisperer to come to her house. They filled a plastic two liter bottle with rocks not all the way but enough so it rattled really good. Every time the dog would try to bite or anything, my MIL very firmly say No bite, and shake that bottle at her. It worked for her. That dog would shoot out the door, bite one of my kids and run back in the house before anyone even knew what was happening except the crying and bloody kid. That stopped after that. I hope this helps. Not to mention I hope this makes sense.

  3. Oh no! I am sorry to hear how this is going.

  4. Oh no! I wish I knew how to help. Our little one doesn't do that. Now my son, is a different story...lol Have I told you about this?

    When by son was little he liked to come up behind me and hug my legs. I thought this was cute til he bit me. :( I didn't know what could make him do it. It wasn't mean or anything just playful. I told him it was a no no. But he would keep doing it. So whenever I felt his sweet little arms wrapping around me I had to tense up for the bite.

    People would tell me..." just bite him back" I thought they were crazy child abusers. Can you imagine biting your own little one or two year old?? Well, one day I just couldn't take it anymore. I took his arm and bit it. Just a little nip. It surprised him and hurt. :( It surprised and hurt me too...but he never bit me again.

    Not saying you should bite little Lola...just sharing my biting experience. I wasn't planning on writing a book...sorry

    I hope that you can work this out. Take care, Janet W

  5. The bottle idea is good, seen it used.
    The bitch or mum cat generally scruff their offspring and nip them good lol we all learn consequences so nows the time teach tiddler it hurts to nip n bite. Then maybe reinforce with the bottle or a skwirty water bottle

  6. do you have a puppy class near by? I know parks and rec here have a class.
    Fill a spay bottle with water and spray her in the face when she does this stuff.

  7. Yikes! Not an expert, but rawhide and/or chew toys to "teeth" on and the metal pop can with coins in it shaken hard or thrown on the ground when bad behavior triggers them to be startled and then redirect. I'm also wondering if it's playful or mean!? Perhaps a tug rope for playing with her as well. She can be aggressive with the rope instead of you. I also have grabbed and muzzled their mouth shut when they nip and firmly low voice say "no bite" or something like that. Hope something helps!!

  8. So sorry you are having a bad time with a pet you were so looking for. Was this pup from the same breeder as Scout? Since I have mitral valve regurgitation I'd be on antibiotics all the time with a biting dog. My reaction would be to give the dog back and go for Scout.

    I'm fearful that if you try the biting back technique you might have facial scars from a reactionary bite back

  9. Oh oh, naughty Lola, not sure what to do about nipping Kim.Good Luck, Francine.