Thursday, August 28, 2014

Notification woes and the blessing of weird friends

You may remember I've mentioned I have had some issues recently with not receiving email notifications from certain blog followers who leave comments.  It's been happening for a few months and only certain people.  It's been driving me nuts.

So yesterday I made a little list of those regular commenters and then checked their email addresses.  Just as I suspected, there was a theme.  Anyone who has an AOL or Yahoo email account is affected. A little google search and I discovered that both have recently made changes to "something techie" to try and limit spam and hackers.  And whatever they changed does not like google.  Here is one link that explains it (a bit)

I was emailing one of my blog buddies Cindy, who is one of "the affected", and sent her the link.  Well, she was on the case!  I discovered, like me, these little tech mysteries drive her nuts too.

Well, after multiple emails and trial and error she fixed hers.  Granted it was somewhat radical, but now I get notification of her comments!   Gotta love it when you find someone who is as weird as you!!  Lol


  1. That is the pay off of persistence for you! Great to solve that problem! xo

  2. Oh my gosh -- I owe you cause who else would have let me keep trying to see if it worked!!!???? It's so exciting to know my comment will reach you now!!!! Nothing worse than having the internet put a muzzle on me without asking!! Lol... (I realize some may beg to differ on that last point!). Cheers (again)!!!!

  3. Good for you for figuring it out. I've noticed that since the anti Spam law came into effect, I'm getting more Spam than before for some reason. All about penis enlargement. Boys are they barking the wrong tree.

  4. You're lucky not to be tech stupid!
    Hugs :)

  5. I will try to fix this when it is not 9 pm and I am not on a sugar high from 2 servings of peach cobbler

  6. I lost my train of thought when I read Cathy's comment and wondered why that peach cobbler isn't sitting here at my house. LOL Sorry about the techie woes, but they are really annoying. Just yesterday a friend told me that my blog does not show up on her Bloglovin list. No idea why.