Thursday, October 3, 2013

Reversal of fortunes??

Guess what came today??  It's the phone bill.  Are you as excited as I am to see what little surprise is inside this month?  Is this the month that it is finally correct......

I open the envelope and unfold the paper.....

ARRGGHHHH..........  When I first looked I just noticed the amount and I was raging.  I jammed it into my purse so I could call those idiots when I got back to work.  Once I settled down and looked at it again I noticed appeared to be a credit!     So at least now their mistakes are in my favor.  Lol 

I called.  I was frustrated.  The girl on the phone was lovely and patient.  She said you have a credit.  Would you like it applied to your future bills or would you like a cheque?   I said, well I'd love a cheque but you don't owe me any money.  

We started at the beginning - in June.  We went through every statement I had, every record of my phone complaints, she talked to a supervisor and even accounts payable/receivable.  No one knows what is going on but "their system" says I have a $516 credit.  

The girl had such a lovely personality but there were just no answers.  She completely understood my frustration as she reviewed my info.  At one point she lowered her voice and whispered "If I were you I'd take the money and run".   Lol. I laughed and said sure I'd love to go shopping but next month you'll tell me I owe $750 or something.  

She has put an "escalation" ticket on my issue.  Someone is supposed to call me in 24 business hours.  I thanked her for being so patient and I wished I would get her every time I called.  Then she gave me her first name and her employee ID number.   Now THAT is how a customer service rep should act!

Hmmm, if I'd taken the cheque and ran I could have bought those fancy new boots!     


  1. least you had someone who was polite and helpful. that is a rarity
    here in the states...take the money but put it away...just in case!!! there
    are some great woollies on the market out there!!! have a good weekend!

  2. It's a miracle they stay in business! Good luck on this might just want to take that money!

  3. Oh bother Kim, what next......Happy Friday, Francine.

  4. I told the kids last night over dinner about your phone bill and we all discussed it in depth. Everyone said, if you took the money they would bill you a bunch later when they finally fixed it, if they ever do. I am so glad you finally found a girl that will help you like it should be done.
    Every month it is some new adventure.

  5. What a saga this has been for you. Someone needs to be fired from that company. Can you imagine how many other who are in the same boat as you with their escalating bills.

    I think that you handled that in a very business like manner. I agree that it would be nice having the phone company buying you some nice new boots.

    Have a happy Friday.

  6. At least you won't have to make a payment this month!

  7. Well, you know that you really can never argue with a computer system! We tried and tried to tell someone that our balance was not the zero that was coming up once when we stayed out-of-town - all to no avail. So - we left, knowing that we owed. They just wouldn't permit us to pay!.:-)

  8. Dang! I thought BOOTS right away when I saw that credit even before I read the rest of the post Kim.. : )

  9. you're right, next month they would have slammed you for a HUGE bill and then threatened you when you didn't pay. grrrrrr. I despise dealing with the phone company.