Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Yes, I'm a Diva

I admit it, I can be a wee bit of a Diva at times :). Not with everything mind you, but I am a "problem" with certain issues. I dropped my car off at the dealership this morning, to deal with the tire and a couple other small things. It was planned to be there for at least a day and because I'm a good, regular customer the salesman arranged for me to have a loaner.

He's got a set of keys in his hand and we are walking across the lot. He seemed to be walking toward something.........ugly. I won't say the model at the risk of possibly offending someone but he's heading toward one of those new "efficient, ├╝ber-compact" models. I said "you better not be giving me that" - as I point at it mockingly. Yes, he says - its cute. CUTE....... I half expected when he opened the door that 20 clowns might spill out. Seriously !! And you know how I feel about clowns. (Shudder)

At this point I'm laughing. He says "oh get in and see how cute it is. You'll like driving it through town". Now I'm really laughing and I hate to admit but I may have even had my hands on my hips. "I'm not driving this car through town! I'm scared of clowns chasing me!"
My Diva move paid off and he gave up. "Well, what do you want?" he says. I quickly pointed to the nice new big 2013 sedan next to the clown car. Whew, that was a close call. There are a few benefits from loyalty. I've purchased 8 vehicles for this dealership so I can push the Diva card a little once in awhile.

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  1. That's a pretty good move on your part. I wonder why was he pushing this little car on you? I probably would have taken off with the clown car. ha,ha,ha. I'm not a fan of clowns either since I was a child although I'm sure they are nice people.

    We used to get treated royally at a certain dealership too and we too have been buying cars there for years but people get old and they retire with new people comes along to take their place and they look after their friends first.

    How did you like the new sedan?


  2. It is good to be a diva now and then.

  3. There is nothing wrong with being a DIVA! sandie

  4. Good for you Diva lady.


  5. I don't think you did the wrong thing there. Sometimes you just have to stand for the right and for sanity.

  6. I thought this was going to be a repeat and you loved the car and you bought this one. I am relieved you didn't get in that one. I hate clowns too.

  7. Well good for you...sometimes you just have to bring out the Diva!

  8. You go Diva girl!!!!! Good for you Kim, Blessings Francine.

  9. "I am woman! Hear me roar!" Way to go, Kim! Enjoy that car!

  10. Hi Kim, Do you ever have the feeling when it comes to cars, that men have a tendency to think we are a little dumb in what we want and they know best? I never will forget my experience and needless to say he didn't sell me another car. He would talk to my hubby before he went to the nursing home, but ignored me. That was the wrong, wrong, thing to do. I was the one who drove the cars not hubby. I do not like a small car because I don't feel safe in them. I read your previous post and I am sending you an extra long distance hug. I lost my mother a long time ago, but I still miss her when it comes to Mother's Day. She was in the nursing home in a coma for six months before she passed away. Have a wonderful day and yes you can be a diva. Hugs and prayers from Your Missouri Friend.

  11. Hilarious!! I love that story...way to work it girl!!! (Nothing wrong with having some "standards"!!)

  12. Oh Kim! I love ya!!

  13. Delightful Diva Demand story Daaalink! lol
    There are times when one must stand ones' ground
    (stomping with hands on hip if necessary) :-)

    I suspect everyone has types of vehicles that cause
    them to shudder ~ while I've always loved little cars
    (mg midget being one of my favs, Renault LeCar another
    don't hate me Kim, lol). I dread long vehicles (hate
    backing them out of parking spots).

    Good for you for standing your ground lady!

    Hugs, Issy (who is none too fond of clowns either) lol

  14. I think you make a great Diva Kim. I got caught up on your blogs and you sound like me. Lol.Hugs Cheri

  15. Loved your clown car story and agree with you totally! I'm also nervous around clowns.