Sunday, March 29, 2015

Sweet Sunday

It was one of those great days.  No particular reason, just the kind of day that Sunday's were made for.  I puttered away all day.  Tidied up the house a bit.  The kitchen nook still is in a bit of disarray but that's because there is an extra piece of furniture in the way.  I have a heavy cupboard that needs to be moved to the basement for extra storage.  But I'll have to use my feminine wiles and lure some muscley man in to help me.  Lol   

The maple products are starting to appear in the stores.  When you see the appearance of the first maple leaf candy, it's a sure sign Spring is here 

When I went down to the basement today to do laundry, at first I thought I had left the lights on.  But no, it was sunlight peeking through the windows.  That means the snow is melting!!  I can see out those windows again.   I decided to help things along a bit and went out with the ice chipper and cleared some more ice off the driveway and away from the down spouts.  

Spring fever has also fooled me into thinking I have a green thumb.  I bought a new house plant for the kitchen.  Meet Harriett

I am trying to be better with plants.  They do make a house look more homey.  Our local florist shop has been great at helping me pick plants that don't require much attention.   (I should mention that I have killed a cactus.  I mean, who does that?)

So with a focus on the house this weekend there wasn't much time to work on Spot but I did bring it out tonight.

As you can see, extremely limited progress.  The hit and miss section has me completely intimidated.  Wish me luck, I think this may take awhile. 

The only downside to Sunday is no more Downton Abbey.  Damn their short season!


  1. Hi Kim, oh maple goodies, Spring cannot be far behind. Nice plant, should do ok, killed a cactus, no way!! Blessings Francine.

  2. Maple sugar candy. One of my absolute favorites for longer than you've been!
    Good luck with the houseplant. Just remember, more plants die from overwatering than underwatering.
    Hugs :)

  3. You are a HOOT. Love the name you gave Harriet with the sprouting limbs and am sorry for your catus. Love reading your blogs and think you should keep a journal and eventually have it published.


  4. Sorry about your cactus. But I think I did that once too a long time ago. I use to like having plants. Now I don't coz they don't last long around me. I feel they deserve to live a nice long life so I give them that chance by letting someone else buy them. :)

    Harriet looks nice. I hope that she has a long and happy life with you.

    Yaaaaaaayyyyyyy for sunshine in the basement. :)

    Take care and have a great week. Janet W

  5. I killed a cactus too. I think they are harder to take care of that a regular plant. In fact, I wouldn't have a single house plant if they weren't Ron's and he takes care of them. I kill them all. :) It am so glad you have sunshine, maple candy and spring. It sounds so nice.

  6. yay! Our basement has light coming in now as well. Philodendrons are the way to go, they droop, you water them and they perk up!

  7. I hope Harriet is around for awhile. :) glad to hear the snow is melting. Ours is gone as of today!

    Hook on spot while you watch DWTS tonight!

  8. Well Hello Harriet! I am watching Midwife and Mr Selfridge not bad at all. I just have to catch up.

  9. Haha, A great name for your plant Kim. She's got a full head of hair...I hope Harriet will be happy there. If it makes you feel better, I've also killed a cactus.
    I've noticed the snow has gone down a lot but still so much more to go. I've been so very tired lately that I'm not hooking much although I dyed some more wool yesterday.

    Have a great week.