Sunday, March 1, 2015

Hello March

And more importantly, goodbye February - you snow-ridden, frost-bitten b#%ch!

I'm sure March has got to be better.  Some of this white crap has got to melt this month!  Friday the cable company arrived and hooked up an extra cable line in the kitchen nook. So now I have a comfortable hooking area with a TV.   Yay!  No more excuses 

Lots of light, a stash of wool and a TV ..... What more do I need?  Now I just have to decide what to hook next.  I have a big project to do but I'm still tweaking the pattern so I'll find a small something to do until I'm ready.   Time to troll my patterns.


  1. Happy trolling :) I need to get off this machine and finish my Maggie B rug. I am so close.
    More white crap today. Enough already!!!
    Hugs :)

  2. Nice to see the Mr. Sun shining through your windows!!!! ;)

  3. Ah yes, February is behind us. We broke the record here for the coldest month in our history (as it never got above freezing), and some sort of snowiest thing too. In order to celebrate the end of that nonsense I went outside for a the SNOW!!!!!!!! (but temp in the 20's..yay?) Happy hooking!!!!

  4. I am so happy to move into another month. we are in for a couple of inches.
    the last Downton Abbey tonight :( for the season sooooo very sad.

  5. Love how cozy that corner is!

  6. That is just perfect Kim, I love the light coming in the window and your chair and and then your wool right there.
    I can't wait to see all of the rugs your are going to churn out now. :)
    Very nice,

  7. Hi there, your little corner looks so cozy. Can't wait to see your rugs.

    Happy March!

    Take care, Janet W

  8. I'm eager for spring and warmer temps too! But now you have a cozy corner to hook in until the snow melts!

  9. So glad that you finally got your TV hooked up and your hooking corner is all set up for hooking.
    Now I can imagine the rugs will be hooked in record time.

    I'm glad February is gone. Now on with the warmer weather.

  10. Lucy, you said it goood! I am putting away my snowmen off the mantel and my snow mat at the front door. I am replacing my wreath with forsythia flower wreath. I am ready!!
    I, too, will miss Downton Abbey. I am reading a great book....A Fine Romance by Susan Branch. She and her cute hubby toured all the great places in England for two months....crossed on the Queen Mary ll. I am reading it a second time. The pictures are so beautiful and she longhand writes the entire book with watercolor sketches in the borders. Awesome and sweet!

  11. I love your little hooking corner. It looks SO cozy!!