Monday, March 2, 2015

Curses! Foiled Again!!

Ahh, that brings back memories of Saturday morning cartoons.  Back when they were good.  But I digress....  My hooking corner was ready and I had no excuse to not start a new rug.  Recently I downloaded the Rapid Resizer program to print patterns in any size.  I had printed out a pattern and was ready to piece it together to trace.  Now.....where is that scotch tape??  I spent over a half hour looking in every drawer, box and bag.  No tape!   

Oh look.....a new excuse ;).   So today on my lunch break I picked up some scotch tape and after supper I started piecing.   And I printed the pattern too large and don't have a piece of linen large enough.   Sigh........

Tomorrow I will print it a bit smaller and start again.   This was a free download from Sally Van Nuys on a hooking facebook group.  It's so cute and looks like a great way to use up some worms.  


  1. So cute hey I have been Good luck tomorrow.

  2. It's always something, isn't it?
    That will be a cute rug. If you need any worms I have lots to spare. BTW...I've known Sally for years and we live in the same city. Small world.
    I started my pug rug this evening :)
    Hugs :)

  3. Every Saturday I demand to know why we are watching the same crummy tv shows instead of cartoons...and every week the kids tell me they aren't on anymore. I am disappointed anew every time!

  4. Speaking of worms, a crazy bird left some half eaten ones on my deck rail. The bird was a Robin and I was so excited thinking that Spring must be coming because I spotted the Robin, that I left it alone. I guess this has really nothing to do with your post does it. Have a good week anyway!

  5. It is always something isn't it. That is a very, very cute rug pattern. I love it.
    I can't wait to see how you do it well once you resize it again.
    Have a wonderful evening.

  6. Wow! Been a while since I've seen Saturday morning cartoons. They were great back then. . :( Love that kitty pattern. Can't wait to see it finished.

    Stay warm. Take care, Janet W

  7. Would you give more info on the resizing program you mentioned. Thanks and happy hooking.

  8. No scotch tape, drawn too large...haha...those are good excuses! This looks like a fun rug to hook...once you get it all together. ~grin~

  9. Frustrating isn't it? I've heard of Rapid Resizer but I use the Paint program which comes with most computers. I usually measure the small first print out to see what size it is. If the original measures 7 x 9, if I make the print out 200% it would end up being 14 x 18. I usually decide what size I want to hook and then determine the percentage of increase.

    I'm working on taming my demon and am designing a wall hanging for my son. Hopefully I'll have something to hook soon. Good luck and can't wait to ....."see spot run".

  10. Hi Kim, very sweet rug patern, love it...I loved the Saturday cartoons, still watch them sometimes.Keep Cozy,Francine.

  11. Is that Oil Can Harry from the Mighty Mouse cartoon??? He was always trying to kidnap Pearl Pureheart.
    I would have thought that you would be too young to remember that.

    Sometimes it's just easier to go to the store and replace the stuff you can't find instead of wasting precious time searching. That way you end yup with half a dozen of the same thing and still can't find it when you need it.

    1. Hey Kim, I'm glad you set me straight on who the villain was. Snidley Whiplash from the Dudley DooRight cartoon! LOL!!!
      The bad guys all did seem to have a similar evil look, complete with little skinny mustaches!

  12. I remember that villain. Lol! Darling rug have fun Kim. Hugs cheri

  13. What a cute kitty pattern. I have days like that too. I hope that you got some hooking done by now. I had planned to hook today instead I spent most of the day in bed, not feeling well and I had book work to do last night so I'm running behind in my blog visits.


  14. Cool program! Cute rug...will be fun seeing your progress.

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