Friday, March 20, 2015


I took these photos this afternoon to show you what the first day of Spring looks like for us.

Winter has been hard on my poor little house.  See the trellis hanging half off 

Might be July before I can get on the garage again!  Haha

And finally the tunnel to the back door

Pfft, Spring.......yeah right!


  1. Oh my goodness! I can't even imagine having that much snow. We have daffodils and crocus blooming now and the grass getting greener every day. Spring will be a joy when it finally comes to you! Hopefully that will be very soon.

  2. OMG, Kim,
    I knew you had a lot of snow, but I had NO idea it was that much. At least the sun was
    Warm hugs :)

  3. Hi there, wow that's a lot of snow. But I am use to that having spent most of my adult life in Utah and Wyoming. We have actually had snow on the ground til June or so.

    In Wyoming we even had an all day and longer I think, blizzard in July. It was freaky.

    But here in western Washington it is Spring. :( We didn't get any winter. Some day we will go back home. And I will be weather happy again. :)

    Keep warm and hook away. Can't wait to see your latest project
    Take care, Janet W

  4. Kim, I have so much snow around, it's too depressing to even take any pictures! Oh well, the life of a Maritimer/Atlantic Canadian is certainly interesting!

  5. Goodness Kim, I'm sending sunshine thoughts to you in hopes that and my warm heart helps melt the snow soon.


  6. You had sunshine? We had snow flurries all day long (and now again today, oh my!)

  7. We are not as bad as you are but our spring day had wind chills of below zero. We still can not see any of the lawn or the sides of the road.
    I do see a vacation next year I just need a break from all of this nonsense.

  8. Omg!!!!!!! You folks sure had it rough, you deserve a really good Spring and summer.Hugs Francine.

  9. I just never know what to say when I see that much snow. It just boggles my mind. Your sky is really blue though. That looks nice.
    I hope you have a lovely Saturday.
    I bet you have a wonderful summer. :)

  10. *****looks like the snow around our house...we don't even have tunnels because there is still 110 inches out there. it's snowing AGAIN!!! they
    are calling for a dusting...but...someone has to redefine their definition
    of "dusting" because it's coming down hard!!! it will be like this in july here

  11. We have as much snow here around the house. Some places the snow is piled as high as the roofs at the farm. It's warming up so at least it feels more like maybe Spring is around the corner, always shy in making it's appearance.
    You should post these pictures again when it's unbearably hot in the Summer.


  12. Wow! That's k-razy! I hope the weather warms up gently there... to save everyone from floods from the melt... Spring is so unpredictable...

  13. Tell you what, I reckon you'll give that snow a square shove up the ass if you change your blog page from berries and snowflakes to something more warm? You know, thinking positive and all that lol
    That warmth will soon melt that snow back...........
    fingers crossed for you anyway!

  14. I don't think I've ever seen that much snow accumulation before! It just doesn't happen in this area. I'm sending along springtime thoughts that include the melting of the snow! xo

  15. For sure I have no complaints about my weather might still be cold but at least the snow is gone...I cannot imagine life with that much snow! Wishing you plenty of sunny thoughts...

  16. Well, I was feeling good about spring since all our snow was gone and we had had some nice temps. We got about 6 inches dumped on us Sunday night. It's wet so I'm hoping it will melt fast. Yours might be there until June! :)