Tuesday, March 24, 2015

It's a plus

Oooh happy day!  The temperatures climbed to the plus side today.  At lunch time I decided to try and find the downspout on my eaves trough.  Naturally it was encased in a pile of frozen snow.  So I dumped a pile of ice melt crystals on it and hoped it worked.  Sure enough by the time I came home at supper time things looked better.  I chipped away with a shovel and eventually found the end.  After clearing a little area, a chunk of ice popped out, followed by a steady trickle of water.   Yay!!  Tomorrow is supposed to be mild again so hopefully I can find the other spout at the front. 

I've had to work late the past 2 days so not much progress on Spot, but it's a start 

Tonight I've started hooking in the background.  Feels good to have a project again.  


  1. Spot is adorable!! Hope your meltdown continues and you see green again soon!!

  2. Temperatures above freezing are good. May you have many more...soon!
    Spot is going to be so sweet.
    Hugs :)

  3. I love Spot!! What a very, very cute pattern. You have made good progress. I am so glad you were able to have some warmer snow melting days. That sound great.
    I hope you get to do lots more hooking this week since tomorrow is Wednesday.

  4. Yayyy :) Nice temps for you. I am glad. And Spot is too cute. :) Can't wait to see it finished.

    Enjoy the warmer days. Janet W

  5. Oh good for you tomorrow is suppose to be warmer for us today was 30's which was better than yesterday when the wind blew hard all day and it was below zero wind chill.
    I love Spot!!! So cute.

  6. Love your new project! I am super excited for a nice warm day!! LOL!

  7. Hi Kim, so happy to hear nicer weather for you...love Spot, really cute.Blessings Francine?

  8. Spot is adorable! I'm glad your temps are rising. I just know there is a tulip with your name on it under all that snow!