Saturday, March 28, 2015

Bye Bye Border

Today's the day I finally got rid of the ugly wallpaper border in my kitchen and nook area.   I can't believe it's taken me this long.   Here is was.... Country basket blue and peach....blech

And here it goes.......

The next thing to go is the ugly matching peach valance.  (I hope that doesn't take 8 months)

My neighbor loaned me her steamer.  What a difference!  Definitely worth using one of these.  Worked like a charm

However, part way through the task I realized why it's taken me 8 months.  It's because your house becomes a disaster zone.  I feel like my house is in a perpetual state of mess.  

Ughh, I hate this part. But I do not miss the border so it's worth it.   And in one corner I had a little trouble.  Some of the wall came off with the border.  So I have to patch that up.  Next weekend I'll re-paint the room and the mess will be back.  Perpetual mess 

I wonder if my little house will ever be in order?


  1. I'm right beside you with the perpetual mess...lucky nothing in this house is peach...and no border...but 2 rooms with wallpaper that has to go...hoping you forgot about the snow for a bit...

  2. I think you have gotten much done in a short period of time!!!
    Hugs :)

  3. Sweet gal you will have that place ship-shape and to your liking in no time. Yup, lots of time and elbow grease but when you finish it will be your Queendom.


  4. Hi Kim, wow you have gotten so much done with your house. And its looking so good. I have found that whenever I have to clean up something I have to make a bigger mess to do it. lol

    I have a lot to do around here in the next few weeks. Makes me tired just thinking of it. lol
    You will get everything the way you like it soon.
    How is Spot coming along?

    Have a great week. Take care, Janet W

  5. You have been busy! Way to go! We've been involved in a "home improvment" project, and the disarry is about to get to me! xo Nellie

  6. Way to update your home! I always say that there's no such thing as a small project. A mess is sure to follow. You'll love it when it's done. I hope we can see the results!

  7. It always takes a mess to make it better. You will love it when it is done.

  8. It's a beautiful mess! :-) Good going on the border removal as that's always a tough job. When owning a home there is always something that needs done. Pick a time of year to get the repair/remodel done and then take the remainder of the year to enjoy!

  9. It is going to be so much nicer when it is done and you won't have to live in a mess very soon. It is hard work making a house into your house.

  10. While we wait for the repairs from the ice dam damage, I was off painting in other rooms that I could finish and clean up. You are going to be so happy when you finish!!

  11. That was a good project to get out of the way. One project at a time. Good job!