Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Torn between two lovers

Last night I found myself torn between 2 lovers.  What a dilemma.   What to do, what to do ?

The basis of my problem . . . .

The conflict of  Dancing With The Stars and Sidney Crosby's triumphant return to the hockey arena on TV at the same time . . . .

It was Part 1 of the DWTS Finale  but Sidney, Nova Scotia's hometown hockey hero was playing in his first game in over 10 months after an injury.     Oh, the stress of it.

Then it came to me - a technological triumph . . . .  watch DWTS on TV and follow the hockey game on my iPad with the Hockey Night in Canada App.   GENIUS   I didn't miss a thing.  The wonder-boy scored the first goal and then another with 2 more assists - 4 points. 

I don't even like hockey that much but had to witness Sid's return, and I was not disappointed.  It was certainly all the talk around the office today.    And equally impressive was JR's performance on DWTS.  Fingers crossed he takes home that tacky mirror ball trophy tonight.

And since I'm here typing I might as well tell you about a little wardrobe malfunction today.  Only me, right ?  Murphy's Law is back over my shoulder.  

Today was the flu shot clinic at work for employees.  I forgot and ended up at work wearing a top with the sleeves too tight to pull up high enough and a neckline too tight to pull down far enough.  And of course we do 2 employees needles at a time in the same room  - - without a screen.

Do you see where this is going ??  In my time slot I was paired with a male employee. . . .  naturally.  After a few minutes of contemplation - What the heck - I turned my chair around, told him not to dare peek and pulled my arm out of my sleeve exposing half a bra.   The nurses were keeping an eye on him and we were laughing.  The good part is that he was so scared about getting the needle, I doubt he was worried about me.  Plus I doubt a young guy like that was really interested in peeking at me  - - I'm just trying to make myself feel good.  LOL 

I better go find the snow shovel in the basement.  The weather witch says a storm's coming.


  1. You are a funny lady. Glad you solved the viewing dilemma...not to mention the flu shot crisis! I have just come to realize that men don't really look at me that much anymore...but I still sometimes act like they do...yeah....

  2. Kim
    So funny! Are you sure that wardrobe wasn't planned? Just kidding.
    I'm finding that I'm getting more mileage from younger guys by reminding them of their sweet old
    mother than by my good? looks now a days!
    Yes, it was good to see Sidney back in such good form.

  3. Sidney who? JR? Like in Dallas? Sorry - I'm outta the loop here. Never was a hockey fan - even though one of my very good friends (from Canada no less) in college was on the hockey team and insisted I sit front and center at the home games. Arghhh...But it was a symbiotic relationship - I tutored him in French grammar and he taught me how to speak it properly...and hockey was an added "bonus." ;o) Too funny about the flu shot. Only you dear Kim...only you....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  4. After last week and last night - I have to vote for Rob. He danced his bootie off! Can't wait for tonight's show!

    OMG - I wore the wrong shirt to get a flu shot one time too and since we were in a large room with a bunch of people, a nurse held up a blanket around me. I'm sure no one would have been interested in what I had under my shirt anyhow! :) You always make me laugh!

  5. I'm with you on DWTS. I want J.R. to win and I will be pulling for him tonight.

  6. Kim, ya crack me up! CH is voting for Rikki. I will be reading blogs :)

  7. Kim, you always make me laugh. You always are so smart at coming out with perfect solutions.

    The question is, did he looked at you differently after the injection was over with. I hope that you got your injection first. He,he.

    That dirty word, S***. I don't want to hear about it.... JB

  8. Kim ~
    Thanks for the laugh!
    Please, not the "S" word!!!
    Hugs :)

  9. I like your flu shot story - I might have done the same thing! I missed DWTS myself as I had family over, so I have no idea what happened. You might have thrown us a hint...

  10. Ha ha, you do get yourself in some places. I am glad you figured it out. That poor guy was maybe afraid of passing out anyway.
    I know I am pretty squeamish and I almost passed out the other day when some people were talking about giving blood. That is it, even writing this much I feel that hotness in my head so I will stop.
    Enjoy the storm!

  11. Oh my leave it to you! As far as DWTS goes, my head tells me Ricki, but my heart goes to JR. Yup, a storm rolling in, can you cook a turkey on a gas grill? how about a pie? I'll let you know how it all turns out. Hugs, Julie.

  12. I cannot believe it, Ricki in third place?

  13. I can't believe Ricki in 3rd place either! sandie

  14. funny. the weather witch dropped some snow here.

  15. Oh my gosh, we couldn't live without the DVR. We had our book group from church last night and as much as I truly love it, I couldn't help but think about DWTS. It was all I could do to not look up the winner on my IPhone. I was patient to wait until I could watch it at home. Ah... technology! Happy Thanksgiving.

  16. Hahaha, Kim you never fail to make me laugh!!
    Happy Turkey Day,
    Karen & the Hound

  17. Hi Kim ....to funny ,but so glsd you saw your to loves at the same time...

  18. Too funny. Men are big chickens when it comes to needles. I was glad JR won. Rob was a real surprise though. I thought they both did a fantastic job.