Thursday, November 17, 2011

Half crazy and half done

Where did it go ?  The week - it has vanished.  It seems like I just posted Sunday night and POOF it is Thursday.   I had an email from a dear blog friend today who asked me if I had been run over by a giant SUV.  Lol   Nope, nothing that dramatic.  It was just one of those weeks that got away from me.

Well thats the half crazy part.  Now for the half done part.   Some of my regular "hooker" readers may want to sit down before they continue reading.  It's for your own safety.

I have finished the binding on 2 of the 4 little rugs . . . . . . . .  I know - it is SHOCKING !

Two rugs bound in one night.  I can hardly believe it myself.  I finished the edges Deanne style and it went by quickly - plus the rugs are smallish.

Still on the snowman theme - today was Mom's adult day care.  They usually make some kind of craft while they are there.  Today she came home with this cute painted glass snowman.

The staff and volunteers at this program are angels.   I doubt I would have the patience to make a craft with 12 alzheimers patients. 

Now I'm off to catch up on what you have all been doing all week. 


  1. I'd say the mojo's back! Love the mats...especially the snowman with his nose in the air! I did finish whipping my big rug, now I only need to tack down the tape....someday....
    Loved the email today ~grin~

  2. I tell you the holidays make things zoom by! sandie

  3. I'm your newest follower....absolutely love your Christmas rugs! ...jean

  4. Your rugs are so cute and so is the snowman your Mom made. You are just getting ready for Christmas.
    I love your update.

  5. I'm glad that I was sitting down.
    Girl, you are one disciplined hooker. Your little mats are just adorable. You must have enjoyed yourself for the week to go so fast.

    I can't believe how fast the time goes either. My little grandson is already 10 months old today.

    How so very sweet of those care giver to do crafts with the Alzheimer patients. Her snowman looks cute. I hope that your mom had fun working on it.

    Big Hugs for everyone including Millie., JB

  6. Kim ~
    What is finishing Deanna style? Just turning the edges under and tacking down?
    I hate binding, too, so I've been trying to make myself bind 15 minutes a day. That's about all I can!
    I absolutely love that little snowman mat!!! And your mom's snowman is very sweet, too.
    Hugs :)

  7. I just love that little snowman one. You make such cute rugs!

  8. Hurray for finishing the mats! I'll have to go read what Deanne's style of finishing is... Love that cute little snowman your Mom made!

  9. Cute things. You have certainly been busy.

  10. The little rugs are darling Kim and the snowman is sweet and festive! I can't believe it is almost Thanksgiving for us(I can taste the homemade noodles)it just seemed like we were sweating through the summer!

  11. Hi Kim, This week flew by for me too. I have so busy working on projects. I love your rugs they look great!

  12. Yippee!!! And they look MAAAARVELOUS Miss Kim! I'm not sure I'm familiar with Deanne's method - but truly, binding is one of my favorite things to do. SO relaxing....I used to dread it too, but since learning a new way, I actually look forward to it - and best part is there's not messing with the rug tape on the backs. You go girl! Love mom's snowlady too!!! Have an awesome Friday! Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  13. I can't beleive where the time goes either...or my LIFE for that matter!! The rugs are just beautiful!!! Your mom's snowman is fun great that they do crafts with them!!

  14. I love that snowman rug..I think it's the look of pure joy on his little snow face! This week has been a crazy one for me too! I hope your weekend is a good one.

  15. It's just about time to prepare for Christmas. Excellent work you've done here. Lovely!