Sunday, November 27, 2011

Too close for comfort

Well, here we are again - less than a month from Christmas.  This startling revelation hit me this weekend.  And then that sick, panic feeling started to creep in.   I better get my crabby, bah-humbug butt in gear.   So far I'm not feeling the holiday mood.

Even putting up the Christmas Shower curtain (you know - the naked santa) didn't help.    I did get a few little decorations up and I hooked another small table mat.  I'm not going to blog it until I decide what to do with it.

I did make a list.  Not a naughty/nice list like Santa does - but a OMG . . . . this is what's left to do list.  Now if I could just tackle it quickly.   Actually the list made me feel better. 

Because I read about all your Thanksgiving menus, I am hungry for a big dinner with all the fixins.  A chicken is in the oven and the vegetables are waiting to be peeled. 

I hope to draw out another little gift mat tonight and maybe make the Christmas card list.  I am also going to continue my subtle campaign to switch to an artificial tree this year.  Dear old Auntie is holding out for a real one.  (But she isn't the one who does all the work)  I may have to get devious to get my way.

I realize this is a bit of a rambling, dis-jointed post.  It sums up the day as it seems I have hopped from one thing to another.  I hope this is not a pattern for the month.  


  1. Doesn't everyone seem so put together? I am hooking a little Christmas mat, but staring at turkeys around the house. I couldn't face doing report cards and taking down Thanksgiving and putting up Christmas! You are funny wanting the big meal...I want a pizza, I'm so sick of turkey and the fixings!!
    Have a good week!

  2. I'm so where you are Girlfriend - except I'm still staring at black cats and Jack-o-lanterns and not even motivated to do a list. I've resigned myself to minimal decorations this year (and maybe no tree), no baking, and hoping Santa really does bring the gifts. Yikes...what have I become? :o Have a good week....Enjoy your dinner....Smiles & Bah Humbug Hugs ~ Robin

  3. I took the artificial tree plunge a couple of years ago. I couldn't get anyone to help me haul and set up a real one, so I said I'll fix them and now I love the faux tree. It looks real, but is so easy for me to handle by myself.

  4. Kim ~
    I'm in a bah humbug kind of mood too and even though I have 4 weeks, I'm feeling the stress already. It is all self inflicted. If I could make myself simplify it would be so much easier, but once I start, I can't stop. Usually by now most of the shopping is done...not this year and I still need to hook a couple more mats. Argh! Writing about it is making my stress level go up. If I would get off this da** computer I could accomplish so much more. Oh, talk about rambling...sorry.
    Pug hugs :)

  5. So glad you got your Christmas shower curtain up. Now Christmas can begin.
    I feel the same way, I need to get myself in gear.
    Enjoy your dinner.

  6. I think the shower curtain going up has officially marked the beginning of the Christmas Season!
    At least when your feeling stressed you can grab a cold one and head for the bathroom!! LOL!
    Cathy G

  7. I've been doing less and less each year as the holidays approach. I figured out it is more important to enjoy the spirit of the season rather than make a second job of it. So, decorating and baking are the first... everything after that can get done in it's own time. So, I won't be putting any big red bows on a Lexus this year... sorry folks... lol!

  8. I feel like every day I am punching in to work on projects that need to get done. I was up til
    1200 sewing the baby stocking. Today it's hooking Monday project. ahhhh!

  9. Well, it's been awhile since we've even put up a tree. Since we live away from most of the family, no one comes here for Christmas, we always go there. I still decorate, but not as much as before, but I need a little Christmas spirit around the house. Same with baking. I love it, but no one to eat it but hubby and me, and neither one of us need it!

  10. It's me, lagging behind again. I've been busy doing many things but nothing extra ordinary. I'm all over the place and I figure since you have your naked Santa shower curtain up, I may as well start decorating a little bit for Christmas. I officially started today.

    Making a list is a great beginning. I love crossing my list but I haven't made it yet, lol.
    I just turned 65 yesterday so I'm officially old. It will take me a lot longer to get things done from now on. lol.

    Take care, Hugs. JB

  11. I need a naked santa shower curtain... I finally read the rest of your post. I am feeling like such a scrooge after my Sat. post. But I'm not as crabby as I sound. Just take in too much and don't feel like I can breath. I love my fake tree (with lights left on from last year). I am turning off the commercials that tell me how I need to do, do, do and spend, spend, spend. I think those get to me the most. You have brought out the rambling in me!