Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thankful ?

Even though it's not Thanksgiving in Canada, I am going to jump in on the Thankful theme . . .  well, sort of

Naturally I am thankful for all the usual stuff - family, friends, blah blah blah  (FYI this is not a mushy post)

Most importantly today I am thankful that every day doesn't start like this morning.  Did you ever notice that however your morning starts it seems to color the rest of the day ??

As you know, we had our first significant snowfall yesterday, about a foot and a bit.  So last night I had the bright idea that I should re-adjust my car in the yard to make it easier for the plow driver.  Well, that didn't work and I could feel I was starting to get stuck so I left it in its awkward position and figured I'd move it in the morning.   (Dumb move #1)

So this morning I mis-calculated getting up early enough to shovel the walk etc and was pushing it for time as I had a meeting first thing.  I haphazardly shovelled and jumped in my car and tramped on the gas pedal.  (Dumb move #2)  Well, I started to slip and slide (in the wrong direction) and ended up off the driveway, onto the lawn - - -  the still unfrozen lawn.  So now I'm really mad and you know when I get mad I sometimes get stupid (no comments please Lol)  and I started giving it more and more gas. (Dumb move #3) Which of course just spun my front wheels deeper and deeper into the lawn.   Geez Louise - the air in the car was blue.  I'm glad none of you were in my yard to hear some of the crap coming out of my mouth.

Almost late for work, I left that car sideways in the yard and grabbed Auntie's keys and hijacked her car for the day.  So I arrived at work just in time for the meeting but completely red lining.  I swear I could have burst a blood pressure cuff if someone had taken my BP.

I won't go into the details of the rest of the day at work but the trend continued.   And I still had to worry about how to get my car out.  I was tempted to leave the friggin thing there til Spring. 

Then after lunch a White Knight appeared and offered to meet me at my house after work to push the car out.   Yippee - It worked.  I was so happy he offered because I wasn't going to ask - mostly because I was embarrassed but also because I knew I would get teased.  The Knights silver armour was only tarnished a teeny bit when he laughed and asked me how in the world I manged to get the car in the bizarre position it was in.   Don't you hate it when they do that ?  However I was so grateful  I let his mocking go was just thankful for my White Knight.

Tomorrow will start better. I'm ordering new snow tires.  

Oh and for those of you who invited me to travel across the border to have Thanksgiving Dinner with you - I really did plan to come but now you know why I didn't arrive - Stupid stuck car.  LOL  But I really did appreciate the offers :) 

P.S.  Thanks Michelle for confessing that you also had to get half naked in front of co-workers for your flu shot.  I feel better now!


  1. Make yourself some pumpkin pie to celebrate a new unstuck car day!

  2. Could you have ordered
    snow tires and a White Knight??? You never know when either one will come in handy.
    Sounds like the day from h---! Tomorrow is Friday. Horay!

  3. Kim,
    I am hoping by now you're snuggled in your pj's and sipping a glass of wine! What a wild start to winter you've had! I hope you get those snow tires real quick and maybe you should look around for an all wheel drive vehicle! LOL! Although I did manage to get one of those stuck one time too! Your temperament sounds a bit all too familiar! LOL!
    Keep the Knights phone number handy!!
    Hope your Friday is better!
    Cathy G

  4. Rats. So you mean I should put your place setting away? ;o) (It was good - gotta say, turkey and stuffing turned our perfectly...although now I FEEL like a stuffed turkey....) Sorry to hear about your "stuck" situation. But are you sure there isn't more to this White Knight story??? A possible holiday romance (or have I just been watching too much Hallmark tv???) Hope the white junk melts...and you have an awesome Friday....Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin

  5. Thank goodness for White Knights! I have had many of those days. I feel for you. Get those snow tires and get moving! Have a great weekend!


  6. So that is why you didn't come by. Oh that is okay. I have only driven one time in snow, so I would be as lost as anything to try and figure out how to get my car out.
    Thank heavens for White Knights.
    So glad you car is out now.

    It is okay that you didn't make it here to California, I am so sick today.
    I knew I was going to get sick when I lost my voice on Tuesday, now I am full blown sick.
    So glad there is lots of leftovers.
    I got er done though.
    Have a lovely Friday!

  7. I was going to say how lucky you are to have snow, but I'm rethinking that one now. LOL

  8. I had a few posts to read to catch up with you...I'm sorry about your car but having a White Knight come to the rescue isn't half bad! I saved some pie for you but when you didn't show up I ate it..sorry! Have a good weekend and please keep the snow on your side of the it was in the 60's. For Ohio that's a blessing but I know Ol Man Winter is coming. I can feel it in my bones!

  9. Traveling in snow is just the pits...sorry about your luck!! As for pie...I'll come have some with you!!

  10. Snow is so pretty except when you've slipped and slided off the road. I did that once in California in the Laguna Mountains.So scary. It's great to have someone help you! Cheri

  11. I don't miss living in the snow. Nope. Not one bit.

  12. Kim ~
    So glad you had a Knight to save the day!
    I hope that white sh**, er I mean stuff, melts soon.
    Hugs :)

  13. I love snow, but only to look at on TV or from a big window at a great resort. Driving in it is another thing. Even though we lived in Missouri for 6 years and had snow every winter, I never even tried to drive. Just too scary for me.

  14. Hi Kim, I'm sorry that you got yourself stuck in a cute kind of a way, but what can I say. I'm still laughing.

    I'm glad that your white knight rescued you. I think that he would rescue you even if you didn't tried so hard to get yourself stuck in your own yard.

    I used to carry a bag of cat litter and a small shovel in the back of my car for just moment like this. Cat litter will give you traction. I guess I better get some for the next storm... Have a great week. Hugs. JB