Saturday, October 3, 2009

Home Again

I finally am getting back to normal after 4 days away from home. My conference was great - beautiful location, fabulous food (and lots of it), great speakers and sessions and believe it or not....I managed to relax a bit.

Things at home went not too bad - there was one little caregiver melt down on Thursday night but my Auntie managed to get through it until I got home. I spent today trying to get back to the routine here.

I missed my hooking so as soon as I post this blog, I'm grabbing the frame. But first I should show you the stuff I bought at the "Encompassing Designs" Rug hooking shop I found in Mahone Bay.

Isn't this wool gorgeous? I couldn't resist.

And this is the Angel pattern I had to have. I saw her hooked and finished hanging beside the door as I went to leave the shop. I instantly fell in love with her and although it is a larger pattern than I was looking for, I just couldn't leave her.

Apparently I have NO impulse control.



  1. Beautiful wool.
    Love the angel pattern, I understand why you couldn't leave her.
    Aren't you glad we outgrow impulse control.

  2. Haha, yes Katie - sometimes it feels good to "throw caution to the wind".

  3. Nice to know you had a good trip, Kim. Wow, the wool is gorgeous.... I have some new "stuff" that I ordered from Deanne Fitzpatrick's studio. Absolutely insane. Some of it I'm not sure how to use it..... :) Guess I'll find a way. I am happy I am not near a store that sells all this great stuff. I'm sure my credit card would explode... LOL!!! Happy hooking....

  4. Those colors are just as beautiful as you explained in your message on Friday.

  5. Impulse control is highly over rated. The wool is lovely and we all need another angel in our life. Enjoy!

  6. Kim,
    I agree with Debra and more angels, who could resist!

    By the way, my icons are about 8 x 8 and total of 12 with a border.