Wednesday, September 30, 2009

I found some treasures

The conference is going well. But luckily there was a small break this afternoon for a couple of hours. I could have taken a boat tour OR I could drive 10 minutes to Mahone Bay and visit a rug hooking store. Guess which one I picked??

The drive was beautiful. The trees are turning those great colors and as you approach the village limits of Mahone Bay you see the two churches over-looking the Bay. Seriously a stunning image today with clear sky and sunlight. Still kicking myself for forgetting the camera. And the village was having a scarecrow festival, so these incredibly creative "scare-people" are everywhere.

I discovered the treasure of the "Encompassing Design" Rug Hooking Studio on Main Street. And yes, my eyes glazed over once inside and I lost all sense of time. Now I know what some of my readers are thinking........yes, i did say a few days ago that I wasn't going to buy any more wool for at least 2 weeks.........but that doesn't count when you are on vacation......does it??? I think not! LOL

I did buy a couple of pieces - Autumn Leaves. Absolutely gorgeous splotchy dye with rust, reds, golds and auburn tints. And then I spotted a hooked piece on the wall of an angel. I HAD to have the pattern. I have a special "angel" thing at Christmas with one of my friend's mother's - but that story I will share in another post during the holidays. So needless to say I will be hooking this angel to have her completed before Christmas.

I really wish I could show you some photos. Its funny - I forgot the camera yet I remembered to pack a corkscrew........Corinne was quick to point out my priorities! LOL

Kim (from my patio overlooking the bay!)

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  1. Sounds as tho you are having a great time.
    I don't remember you saying you weren't going to buy any wool for at least two weeks. Where did you get that silly notion.