Sunday, September 20, 2009

In the words of Nike, sometimes you gotta "Just Do It"

I can't put it off any longer. This is one of those cases where thinking about it and worrying about it is just a pointless exercise.

What I am referring to is the first square of the Monthly Reflections Rug. Its been almost a month, I think. I have the concept - I bought the wool - I planned (sort of) the square - I drew the the grids - and for weeks I have just been staring at the blank space.

Its so much pressure. Will this square relate to the others?? Will I be able to express the other 11 months with the color choices I have made?? What will next month's theme be?? Will I smother under this giant piece of burlap?? So many un-answered questions.

JUST DO IT!!! So I did. Yee haw!!!! Today I started hooking it. It felt like a giant relief. It seemed like a simple little task last month - 12 squares - 12 inches x 12 inches. Seriously - a 12 inch square seems really big to me right now! But the truth is - you just have to push away the fear and start with a few pieces of wool. It soon starts to take shape.

I am facing my fear of textures too - this square has felted wool, yarn, some beautiful ruby colored slub, and amazing silk ribbon. Deanne was right - I love it! Now before you all think I've gotten carried away with this texture thing - I'm still not going to put lettuce on a sandwich or come face to face with a clown anytime soon.......but a little silk ribbon is OK. Baby steps eh!! LOL

Here is a little sneak peek. Remember - this is a work in progress at a very, very early stage.........
Now, I'm guessing that nobody can figure out what its going to be yet. Unless you are very familiar with my local geographic area.......(thats a hint)! Don't worry, hopefully soon it may take on a recognizable image.
More to come soon!


  1. I'll try to guess your cottage? I'm guessing the pink tones are going to be a flower patch. I'll try again next time.

  2. Hi Kim

    Something from the bay of fundy? Anyway, I hope to be going through Amherst during the day so I can stop at Deanne's store. My luck it will be too late!

  3. You are both wrong. It will (hopefully) be clear soon.

  4. Wow Kim this looks AMAZING. I can't wait to see the block finished. I have to order my linen and get going on my block. It came to me what I am going to do - finally!

  5. Love the colors!! You're right! Just do it! I am going to "just do it" this week! Thanks for the sneak peek! Can't wait to see the rest!