Thursday, September 17, 2009


Nothing smells better than homemade bread. Shhhh.....I have a connection! (hehe sounds like a secret dealer!)

There is a retired lady who I discovered this summer at the beach. Her and her husband are retired and they spend their summer here at a beautiful waterfront property and then they go south for the winter to sail on an enormous sailboat! I know - rough life eh!

They are leaving for the winter at the end of October, so I am ordering up all the good stuff while I can. Today was delivery day. Wonderful molasses brown bread, plum loaf, and an amazing mushroom mozzarella foccacia. The foccacia didn't make it past 6pm. It was supper! And for the icing on the cake she makes to-die-for chocolate chip cookies.

Next week I think I might try the Greek foccacia and brown bread pans rolls...... or maybe the sun dried tomato and oregano......and more cookies of course.

Tomorrow's breakfast - toasted plum loaf with peanut butter. Ohhh, what am I going to do come November???


  1. Sounds like you made an excellent discovery.

  2. You lucky lady!!! As I was reading I could feel the pounds going on my body....LOL!!!

  3. It WAS an excellent discovery. And Anne - it tastes soooo good I don't even think about the carbs!

  4. That does sound good. I have a bread lady also, she does white and brown bread while babysitting 6-8 kids all day. I'm not sure how she does it but the bread is the good old-fashion kind. Maybe you could give your lady some Spelt Flour to try.

  5. Stop, stop! I can smell the bread now. That is one thing I could never give up...bread! The "baker's fog" is what NLers call store bought bread. And in comparison to home made breads, commercial bread is just a FOG! At least, while in Montreal, they have the best, best bakeries as I am challenged in that dept. !