Sunday, September 27, 2009

Piling up

It seems like everything is piling up at once - and its driving me a little crazy.

First, my rug hooking projects are piling up - physically and mentally. I still haven't whipped the edges of the Sand Dreams rug, the Monthly Reflections square is in progress, I started a mug rug a week or so ago, and I have a purse project to get moving on.

The purse is creeping up the list of priorities as it is for a class I am taking from Jennifer Manuell from Fish Eye Rugs in mid October. We are supposed to have started some of the hooking before the workshop so we can focus on the construction. I have the wool all selected for it but the kit is still sitting on the floor at work beside my desk - exactly where it was delivered.

Another great plan I had was to do a small to medium size rug for a new 2nd cousin who is due to arrive in early November. And then the winter rug I have in my head - that I designed around some beautiful stained glass dyed wool I purchased months ago. And before I know it, April DeConick will reveal the October theme. Whew, I tired out just thinking about it. So many ideas - so little time. I think its the "Gemini" factor. Scattered and of two-minds. LOL

The housework has also been piling up. Its been a very busy month and we have ALOT of company. Which means after I get home from work I am stuck entertaining and I am not the kind of person who can do housework after 10pm. But today (knock on wood) was a free day. Nobody arrived. (Or as I like to say "Grand Central Station was closed") It was a treat. I worked all day uninterrupted. Laundy, vacuuming, changed all the beds, even cleaned out a few drawers and a section of a closet. I am away for a few days this week so I really needed to get caught up.

Now its time for my 10 minutes (or more).



  1. Hi Kim,

    That is the problem we Geminis bear. Taking on too many things at one time. When I was younger, it wasn't too bad as I could accomplish them but not now.

    I am a morning person and once the sun goes down, I can't do anything much either especially, housework!

  2. Life does get busy. I have way to many projects going with hooking shop rugs, trying to quilt for the fabric side of the shop, and making Christmas gifts for kids and grandkids. Plus we have a new puppy taking up much of my time.
    My kids may get quilt tops and they can have them quilted. There is a new idea.
    Tomorrow is a new day.

  3. Don't worry about your purse. You don't have to have started.... ;-)
    Looking forward to meeting you in just 2 weeks!


  4. When do we get to see your Monthly Reflection Square ? a peak even?

  5. You can have another peek when I get back from the AMA conference