Thursday, September 10, 2009

Hen Night

Tonight, as every Thursday night at my house, is Hen Night. This is the night that all the "old dolls" (AKA my mothers friends) come over to get their hair done. Mom can't get out to the hair dresser anymore so a lady comes to the house and makes her all pretty. So it seemed like a good idea to invite a few others over to get pretty too. And that has been the case for the past few years. Some weeks its 3 of them, some weeks its 6.

I scurry around with tea and cookies while they gab and cluck about all the town gossip and what's on sale and where etc. Its quite a scene! Curlers and hair nets everywhere. And look at this old dinosaur......
This old commercial hair dryer has to be about 50 years old! And we use it every Thursday. Can you imagine buying an electric appliance today and having it last 50 years??? Not likely! My Grandmother used to have a small beauty parlour in our house and this is a remnant of that time. The shop was gone long before I arrived so I know it about 50 or so years old. Someday I bet this would fetch a nice price on ebay.....

Goodness, I'm exhausted when they finally leave but they really enjoy getting together so I guess I can handle it. My only rule is "NO blue rinses". I can't condone that! lol

Today was one of those days when things didn't go totally smoothly. I woke up and dressed for work - thinking I looked good. (hehe) Sat in the kitchen, ate breakfast, and read the newspaper before work. So far so good. Walked out to my car and looked black pants were navy and my shoes were brown. DUH! Guess the lighting wasn't so great in my room this morning. Tomorrow I'm definately turning on the lights! And of course I hadn't left myself alot of extra time, so I flew back into the house and did a quick change. Always safe with beige! I told my story to a co-worker after lunch and she said she did the same thing. She snuck home on her morning break to change her top. It must have been really dark this morning!

So while the hens fluttered around tonight I bit the bullet and finished binding this little frog. He's done. My projects are starting to stack up in various states of less-than-finished so it felt good to remove one from the pile.


  1. Hey Kim, you have Hen Party's I have 1/2 time Zoo Animals, not sure which one is worst. Love the rug is he going on the Green Door? hehehe

    I'm so preabsorbed with this Animal Shelter, I long for those quiet boring evening when I didn't have to make meals and lazily watched the news and hooked.

  2. Kim, there is nothing better than a hen party in many ways. I love the hair dryer and yes, I too believe things should last many years. My mother wants a new car and while there is nothing wrong with her 17 year old Grand Am, she is tired of it. Go figure!

  3. Ha, Ha, Kim, I can hear them clucking as I read your blog....cute....
    Your story reminds me of the time my DH and I went to a "Confirmation" at Church for our niece and godchild. Of course, we were at the Altar where the Bishop was administering the Sacrament. When we arrived home, my hubby looked down at his feet and he had two different color shoes on, one black ,the other brown. That has been a laugh for years, to say the least.....