Saturday, September 5, 2009

Full Moon, Flat Tire and Talking Cars

And the full moon strikes again! I know we all joke about the full moon making some people a "little off" but I believe it. Just spend a day at the reception desk at my office during a full moon and you will be convinced too! It even affected my car.
I decided to take a few days off (Thursday and Friday) to extend my long weekend. I had a list of things to do and a few short afternoon trips with the family. Mid afternoon Thursday my "talking car" told me that I had low tire pressure in the "FRONT" left tire. I immediatley headed to a local service station and had the attendant check my tire pressure. "Its PERFECT" he says. I showed him the warning screen on the front dash and asked him to check both front tires again. And again - both were perfect! We thought that it must be just a glitch in the computer and the next time I re-started my car it would probably re-set itself. But, since I like to play with my talking car, I pushed the OnStar button. The nice lady checked my system remotely and said everything seemed fine. OK - I'll chalk it up to the moon - either that or my car was a liar.

So I awoke Friday with big plans for the day. As I took Millie out for her morning pee, there was my car with the REAR tire completely flat!!! So my car was wasn't lying - it was just dyslexic. Well, roadside assistance and my local dealership had me back on the road in short time.

I gathered up the girls and headed for Moncton for supper and a little shopping. I really just intended to window shop..........but that never works for me. I ended up with a new black pantsuit - which really is more of an investment than a frivilous purchase - RIGHT....... At least it wasn't more shoes or purses.
I wonder what will happen next month???


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  1. LOL, I hope you had a few good days off, I myself was left in the office , the one with all the Type A personalities....

    that is a crazy car tire story? not sure I want my car talking to me, my 10+ car would probably complain about his aches and pains all day.

    P.S I love your stories!! you have true writing talent.