Monday, September 14, 2009

Nothing is ever easy here!

Every simple little project in this house always ends up being a huge hassle. I didn't blog all weekend because I was so fed up that I thought I might scare you all away with my lunatic ravings!!

I had a leaky faucet in my bathtub for awhile now. Then soon it went from a drip to a stream. OK, time for new taps. Not a big deal. Huh! Right! I called our plumber and he picked up some new taps and arrived early Saturday morning. He said he would have the water turned off for about and hour. So, I filled up the coffee pot (I can live without water for awhile in the morning, but not coffee). Within 10 minutes, he was back downstairs informing me that he had to KNOCK OUT A WALL!!! Now (so I'm told) most contractor/plumbers install a little trap door for such occurances, but apparently our last guy didn't get that memo!!

OK, now the wall is down. Then he tells me that our pipes are so old that the new taps won't fit and he's going to try and modify the pipes to make it work. Come on............But wait - it gets better..........

Now its hour 3 and I go upstairs to check things out and he is packing up his gear. BUT the wall is still DOWN. "Well, ya know, this took longer than expected", so he thinks he will come back and fix the wall later. NOOOOOOOOOOOO WAY! Nobody is leaving this house until the wall is back up - unless they are in an ambulance!! (This might explain why I am sometimes referred to as "Little Hitler" in my house) HAHA I won that one - the wall was back by supper! I bet he hopes he doesn't have to come back here for awhile!

For those of you living in an old house, I'm sure you understand. Every little job creates a couple of bigger ones. But at least I can start the week drip-free!


  1. Oh Lordy, Kim, you make a disaster seem like a fun park but I'm sure there was no fun to your dilemma. You make me laugh and we all need that some times....LOL!!!
    Glad everything is straightened away for you...

  2. Thanks Anne. I've learned that to survive in this madhouse, you need a sense of humour!

  3. Kim,
    I feel for you! Our house was built in the early 50's and nothing we have to fix is ever easy and it's never easy to find a part that is the right size.
    Good for you for keeping him there to put the wall back up!

  4. Kim,
    It is some sort of cruel rule in any house. One "simple" job leads to hours of complicated, supplementary jobs. I have learned this lesson over the years, in newer and older houses.

    I bet that plumber went home with some stories about his day at the "office"

  5. It must have been the weekend for plumbers because we had to call one also. Just like you we had a couple of surprises, fortunately none of them involved knocking out walls!

  6. thank you for the kind comments on my blog about Bandit.

    I guess that plumber won't try that stunt again, good for you.