Tuesday, September 29, 2009

On a treasure hunt

OK, not really, but I am spending the rest of the week at the Oak Island Resort and Spa. Not exactly a holiday trip - I am attending the Nova Scotia Association of Municipal Administrators Conference until Friday.

Oak Island has quite a legendary past. Legend has it that Captain Kidd buried a treasure on the island. For over 200 years there have been numerous excavations and missions to discover the treasure. Just Google the Oak Island Legend - lots of fun facts.

I arrived a few hours ago and am settling in. The resort is just outside Mahone Bay, a beautiful little seaside community. Very picturesque, however I packed in a hurry and forgot my camera. DUH! Sorry but you will have to take my word about the beauty.

A few miles from the resort I thought I should find a little store to pick up some hotel munchies. WELL - what an experience! I found this little store and as soon as I pulled up to the front it reminded me of a scene from a CSI episode. You know when they arrive at a little shop in the middle of nowhere and the clerk is laying behind the counter in a pool of blood.........

So as I walked in - this place could be scouted for a future episode. I gathered up the obligatory potato chips and chocolate and went to the counter. OK - this is where it gets wierd...... There was a strange little man there and he wouldn't make eye contact with me. And trust me - I don't have the kind of figure where men look about 12 inches below your eyes!! It started getting creepy - he was looking about a foot and a half to my right and talking to me - like there was an invisible person standing there. AND THEN I started thinking - maybe he can't look in my eyes because he feels guilty because his psychopathic son is behind me with a rusty butcher knife waiting to hack me to pieces!!!!!

OK seriously - he was creepy and it was wierd and I really did have these thoughts. But you all know by now I'm a little twisty! LOL Or maybe I watch too much CSI??

Now I'm off to socialize with the rest of the group. Be back tomorrow with more fun news.


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  1. Maybe he thought you were a 'hooker' and he was scared of you. You could layoff the CSI shows for a week or two. (joking)