Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Big Fun at the Hook-In

We had a great hook-in today. It was my first time hooking with a group of people, and it was a blast. You got the chance to see so many different styles and color choices. The class was on Fisheye Rugs Bala handbags but some of the girls brought some of their other in-progress rugs and previously hooked bags.

The day started out a little.....well, late. I got up early, made my lunch, made coffee, read the paper and then grabbed another cup of coffee while I caught up on some blog reading. The class started in an hour so I had TONS of time. I decided to check the festival schedule to see if I had forgotten to pack something ........only to discover the class started at 9am not 10am. It was now 9:03am. Next thing I know Corinne is texting me wondering where I was! Arrrgh, I raced out the door and arrived about 15 minutes late.

I discovered that we tend to do alot more chatting than hooking at these things but that all added to the fun. And I finally got to meet Jennifer from Fisheye Rugs. Its great to put a face and a personality to the blog I've been following for months. We were laughing at how we "bloggers" tend to feel like like we know each other after awhile. I was amazed the locations people had travelled to for this Fiber Arts Festival, and its growing each year. Our small little class had ladies from New Brunswick, Cape Breton, St. Johns Newfoundland and the lady beside me was from Pennsylvania!

Here are some pictures from our day: (My apologies, I have forgotten everyones names by the time I posted, so I can't give proper credit for their projects)

Here is Jennifer teaching some of us how to sew the finished purses together properly. The gals at this end of the table had their bags all hooked before arriving. They get the gold stars! haha And here is Corinne hooking away at her Skelefloral purse. Her Mom is seated behind her but was a little camera shy today! Ahhhh, one of the supply tables with all Jennifer's leather handbag straps and gorgeous dyed slub yarn. By the end of the day the tables were almost empty. And yes, I bought some too! Big surprise, right! This lady hooked a beautiful seaside motif on her handbag. This little sheep handbag was gorgeous. The applique and prodded sunflower really popped. And you can't really see from this photo, but the sheep is hooked all puffed out in 3-D. WOW! This rug in progress is of the famous 3 churches in Mahone Bay. It is almost finished, just the sky left to hook. I thought it was a great coincidence since I just visited Mahone Bay last week.

Special thanks to Jennifer and her Mom who helped out today too. It was a great day and the time flew by. I'm registering again next year - for sure.



  1. When I attended our hook-in last month I noticed the same thing that you did - there is a LOT more talking than hooking that goes one! LOL Looks like you had a good time - I wish I'd been there to see how to sew a purse together!

  2. Kim, what a great post as I feel like I am there with you all!

    Millie looks grand in her halloween outfit....what a darling! I wonder if Maddy would like to dress up!

  3. It was a good time, and we did talk alot.

    Think I'll return the favor and blog your hooking pic tonight. hehehe

  4. OHHH, isn't Millie cute!!!

    I wish to be able to attend a class sometime; I'm sure it is a delight with people of our own kind and like you said, we feel as though we know each other even though we haven't seen some of the faces in our hooking world.

    Such beautiful photos of your day. And such great work. Oh, how I wish I had been there. grieve!!!!!

    I'd like, or perhaps not, to be around that yarn....

  5. To Anne and Julie - maybe you can come to the class next year. I looked twice when I heard there were 2 Newfoundlanders registered!! But it wasn't you.
    Thanks for the compliments on Millie's wardrobe. She likes to dress up. She has quite an extensive closet - a few dresses and lots of coats. My former boss said it was animal cruelty! LOL

  6. And to YOU Corinne - Don't put up any bad pictures!

  7. Great rugs and thank you for sharing them with me. Sounds like you had a good time. I was just at a hook in today and need to get the pictures up on my blog, but so far I am busy looking at other peoples blogs.