Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hookers Who Care

I have been AMAZED the past few months of my blogging experience the number of hookers I have encountered who are caring for an elderly parent.

Let me make something perfectly clear - I have wonderful friends who support me everyday and in every way - but the truth is ------unless you are living it-----you really don't totally understand it. And I feel confident in saying that - from experience.

Before my mother was diagnosed I called a girlfriend in Montreal once a week. Her mother had Alzheimers and I listened and I truly thought I understood what she was going through. I DIDN"T. Don't get me wrong, I meant well and I really felt for her and her trials with her Mom, but until I began to experience my mothers Alzheimers experience - I now realize I didn't get it!

My Mothers condition was one of the driving forces behind my decision to begin blogging. I needed some way to express myself. I have never wanted to overly burden my friends with my trials. My thinking is that everyone has their own problems. If I blogged my frustrations out into cyberspace it would be OK.

What I have discovered is beyond the words I have to express it. As caregivers we often feel like we are out there alone. BUT WE ARE NOT. I have found sooooo many bloggers out ther who are doing the same thing I am -----trying to work, care for a loved one, and cope with all the regular everyday crap. And its NOT easy, but we are not alone.

I take such comfort and assurance from reading these blog posts. And I hope that some of you take comfort from mine. Some days are good - normal even! Some are not. These are the days I need the blogger world.

We should all be grateful for those around us who care for others. As we never know when the person needing care may be us.

Thanks for listening!



  1. Kim

    Well stated and I am there with you! I have met such wonderful people through blogging and you are truly, one of them.

  2. Take care, Kim. I know it is not easy caring for a loved one as I have experienced a portion of it.

    I am happy for you that blogging helps....I'm here to listen anytime....

  3. Ahhh. Kim! Thank you! Isn't it amazing at the people you meet in Blogland? I am so glad that I met you...truly, we are not alone!

  4. Kim,
    As my sister, father and I cared for my mother when she had terminal breast cancer, I thought at the time that while this was the hardest thing I had ever done, it was also the best thing that I had ever done.
    Now my father's health is beginning to fail, and while he is living on his own for the moment, I can foresee a time where this will not be possible.
    I'm happy that blogging has helped you find others with whom you can share and find comfort. Isn't it amazing the joy we can find amoung friends that we have never met face to face?

  5. Thank you everyone for your kind comments. Quick update - came home from work today to find out Mom had a bad fall. I didn't think anything was broken but she was very tender on the right hip. So off to the emergency room! Good news - no breaks or fractures - just badly bruised. Drama, drama! Boy, I can't wait for the weekend!