Wednesday, October 21, 2009

I'm bone tired!

Well, last weeks relaxation time is a far away memory. I'm exhausted.
Never-ending meetings combined with catching up on all the work I didn't do last week while on vacation has taken its toll. Plus Mom had a Doctor appointment this afternoon, and of course, they were running behind schedule. Trying to keep her seated and entertained for 1 1/2 hours was a treat! NOT
I'm going to make a cup of tea and maybe grab a handful of gingersnaps to dunk. Then a little more hooking on the purse might settle me down. I need to finish this project as I am falling waaay behind on the Monthly Reflections Project. My piles of wool are taking over the house. And I still have some hidden in the car that I bought from Momz Wool. I didn't need it, but had to have it. Well, I did need the turquoise. Maybe I'll smuggle it in after dark! hehehe


  1. Oh, I hate weeks where there is just too much to do and no time for a little fun. I think a little "wool therapy" is the cure for that paticular problem!

  2. I love the photo, that looks like me right about now just add a Pringles Can.