Friday, October 9, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

This is my favorite holiday - in my opinion the best weekend of the year.

The weather is usually perfect - no heat waves or snow storms - just cool crisp air. You get to dig out the warm, cozy sweaters which I love, and everywhere you look are beautiful fall colors - some still on the trees and some covering the ground.
And lets not forget Thanksgiving Dinner. A feast, for sure. Turkey with all the trimmings. No diet this weekend - mashed potatoes and gravy, turnips with a brown sugar glaze, carrots drizzled in honey, bread stuffing (my personal favorite), cranberry sauce and then pumpkin pie!
(Excuse me for a second, while I wipe the drool from my chin!)

This is one of the few holidays that commercialism hasn't conquered. Its not about gifts or presents or extravagant decorations. Its still all about a nice long weekend with family and friends. Its about being grateful for what we have and who we get to share it with.

Our home has always been a gathering place. My grandparents had the philosphy that there was always room at the table for whoever walked in the door. They have long since passed, however I still prepare meals with the thought that it is better to make too much than not enough - just in case.

Another family tradition (of sorts) has been to "take in strays". Our holiday dinner table has always included those friends who might otherwise spend the holiday alone. Some faces are the same every year, while others have come and gone. This year - for the first time in my life - we will have no guests for dinner. Two of our regulars will be travelling and spending the holiday with their own families.

While it will be different, things have been extremely hectic lately so I am looking forward to a weekend with just my immediate family and being grateful that they are still with me.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


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