Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bullseye Purse Progress

Thanksgiving dinner is over and I am stuffed and happy. Not only was it a sunny day but I also got a few hours (yes, I said hours) of hooking in. And it is looking like I might be able to repeat the feat this evening. This is almost unprecedented!

I finally got to start my Bullseye pattern purse from Fish Eye Rugs. All next week Amherst is hosting a Fiber Arts Festival. More info here

The gals from Momz Wool (Corinne and her Mom) and I are registered for a "hooked handbag" class from Jennifer Manuel. As I mentioned before, the kits were mailed out weeks ago, so I am a little behind. But thanks to a quiet is a sneak peek at my project for the class.

I'll try and take some pictures Tuesday from the class. It will be fun to see the other patterns and to learn how to put this darn thing together once it's hooked. Corinne and I have a back-up plan ..... if necessary we may convince her mom to sew our purses together. Shhhh, don't tell Nancy!

I wanted to take a picture of this burning bush in my backyard all week, but it was always raining. Today was sunny, but it has started to shed, but it still is quite pretty.



  1. Ohhh-I love Jennifer's purses! I would love to make one, but with my record of never actually finishing anything......sigh.....guess it is just not going to happen. Yours looks lovely.

  2. Oh your purse is amazing. The colors you have chosen are heavenly.
    I look forward to seeing it completed.
    Love those burning bushes.

  3. Yes Debra, we seem to share the "finishing dilemna" but I am getting better.
    And Katie, the burning buh is one of my favorites. This little guy took a few years to take hold. I wasn't sure he was going to make it but this year he has started to grow nicely.

  4. I,too, love the colors of your purse and the hooking is wonderful...Burning Bushes are sooo beautiful, although I have had no luck with them..