Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Age Old Question...

Do you buy your Halloween Candy early.....and risk eating it, or do you wait until the last minute??
This is my struggle every year. You see, most years I end up buying my Halloween candy TWICE. I start picking it up gradually several weeks ahead and naturally I sneak a treat every now and then....and before the 31st rolls around - I'm almost out again. So I trudge back to the store and vow to "never do that again".
I have even tried to force myself to buy the kinds of candy that I don't like - then I won't eat it. But where's the fun in that???
So here we go again - I just returned from Walmart with the first load. And yes, I am testing out the twizzlers.


  1. I try to only buy it once, I hide the candy in the closet, out of sight out of mind.

  2. I thought it was just me like that, Kim. I haven't bought anything yet. I know darned well if I do, I won't stop until everything is gone What a glutton......LOL!!!

  3. It is the same thing with Christmas baking! I used to bake early and then, freeze it all in hopes that the would prevent premature eating.

    Did you know that frozen cookies and squares are perfectly edible!!

    By the way, twizzlers wouldn't last anytime with me around!

  4. I do start early on candy buying. What is worse we live in an area where we don't even have any trick or treater. Go figure(childhood memories?)