Saturday, January 21, 2012


Consider this a warning - especially if you are one of those trying
to drop a few pounds this month.

Do not go to the grocery store before lunch !!  There is danger around every corner.

I breezed past the fruits and vegetables and then saw these

Amazing!  And when it says on the label "bursting with flavors" - It is telling the truth.

And before you ask, I have no intention of reading the nutritional info on the back.  It will just ruin this fabulous new relationship. 

I just puttered around today and hooked a little.  I won't be finished this rug by tomorrow but I will show it to in tomorrows post.   And then I wasted some time on pinterest

I found this and it was too cute not to share.  Lauren, this is for you


  1. Kim ~
    Thanks for thinking of me :) You always make me laugh and pugs always make me smile :)
    Looking forward to seeing your rug!
    Pug hugs :)

    1. Kim....I can't seem to reply at the bottom of comments as usual. It seems I can only 'reply' to someone's comments so don't know if you will even get this. As usual, you made me laugh with the 'wiggle butt' and so perfect for Lauren!!
      Karen & the Hounds

  2. hahahahahahahaha LOVE that little doggie! I've had those pretzels before and they are really yummy!

  3. I do not need to be wooed by another pretzel!! I'm in the throes of fighting off cookies, for crying out loud! I love the pugs. Look how tiny he is!

  4. Very cute, oh I saw things like that yesterday, things that told me that they needed to come home with me. I looked the other way, it was a good thing I was in such a hurry.
    They look yummy.
    I love those cute little dogs too.

  5. I love those pretzels! Thanks for reminding me how much...I still love you though! Cute puppy pics. One of my coworkers is a pug lover and I was laughing at some of her stories about "Lola" the pug and her green bean snack fest!

  6. Oh my gosh I LOVE Pugs - I just love them - they are so cute. sandie

  7. Oh yes, I have had my own run in with those wonderful pretzels. They are really good and so hard to stay out of.

  8. Give the pretzels to Millie, she can put on the weight no problem. I'm sure that her little coat can expand without ripping her seams. The pugs are awful cute but I think that Millie is cuter by far. Tell her that I said that. Hugs. JB

  9. That is so funny Lauren will love those pugs.

  10. But they're bad can they be??? You're dashing my justifications - I tell myself I'm being good if I eat pretzels (kinda like a distant cousin to fruits and veggies....) Hmmmm....haven't seen this particular flavour though.... ;o) Smiles & Hugs ~ Robin